Jones’ Garden System


The system measures 42″ wide by 59″ high.
This includes a 16″ high raised bed with attached frame, plus 4 interchangeable side panels and one top panel that can also be used to form a cloche.

It also includes netting shown below, to apply to the side and top panels to help prevent critter damage, as well as clear plastic to use as season extenders and to form a cloche. Netting can also be used for vertical gardening.

Smaller holed netting is also included for those plants that do not need pollinators, such as leafy greens and root crops.

The Jones Garden System

Cloche mode.

The Jones Garden System

Seedlings sprouted in just 1 week.

The Jones Garden System

Netting keeps the critters out but lets the bees in.

Side panels open easily for harvesting.
To give you an idea of the size, one system can hold 10 tomato plants, as well as a vining zucchini and pole beans, with room below for basil plants.

Our garden went from having one of every 5 ripe tomatoes bitten into by squirrels, to no loss whatsoever with this system.
We plant less plants, but get a great harvest and without the bending and kneeling, and with less weeding.

The system includes everything listed, plus a how-to manual for a better harvest. Some assembly required with just a screwdriver and rubber mallet.

Now $100 off! The introductory price of $475 includes shipping and handling.
Each system is made to order just for you, right here in the USA.

If you have any questions, or to order, please email us with the word System in the subject field.
We currently accept Paypal or check.

Read more about the development of the system here or listen to GJ talk about it with Mike the Gardener on his podcast.

This system is patent-pending.



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She lives and gardens in Northeast Pa. zone 5/6

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