3 Lessons Learned in the Mini Greenhouse

greenhouse growing

Starting seeds is easy.

It has been about 10 weeks now playing with the greenhouse, and a few lessons learned.
One, the hard way.

1. Use a fan.
An oscillating fan will not only help keep the greenhouse cooler, it is important to have good air circulation. Our tomato plant developed a bacterial disease, and this may have contributed to it.
We now keep the door and vents open as well.

The tomato survived and has set fruit, so no harm done.

2. The indoor temperature can jump up quickly.
We have seen an increase in 20 degrees in a matter of minutes when the sun hits the greenhouse in the morning. Knowing this, we make it a point to have the fan already going and the door and vents opened.
When the leaves fall off the trees, this increase will probably be even higher.

greenhouse growing

Most of the luffa loves it.

Consider a shade of some sort to help keep the temperatures where you want them.
In a pinch we covered part of the roof with a sheet, but you can buy shades just for this purpose.

3. Plants grow faster in a greenhouse.

Okay, this one didn’t come as a surprise exactly; but how much faster did.
The cucumbers came up so soon that we decided to transplant them outdoors and start over.
The idea is to have cucumbers in the fall, so we didn’t want them to start producing too early.

greenhouse growing

Cucumbers, round #2.

Of course, the second seedlings are catching up quickly to the first.


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