The Wonderful Jersey Devil Tomato

Jersey Devil Tomatoes

A friend gave us one Jersey Tomato plant last spring saying “You’ve got to try this tomato.”
That kind of enthusiasm usually ends up with a good outcome, and this was no exception.

This heirloom indeterminate paste type tomato produces clusters of long narrow fruit that can get to be a good size, easily 4-5 inches. At their green stage they look more like a pepper than a tomato.

They are a mid-season variety maturing at about 90 days, and they were the second of all our tomato varieties to ripen and one of the most prolific. The flavor really is wonderful. The ones that don’t end up getting eaten will be turned into salsa and marinara sauce.

Jersey Devil Tomato

This is one of the smaller ones and you can see it is still a good size. Some of the others will be weighing in at closer to 5 ounces, at the very least.

Since the plant was a gift we don’t have a seed source, but many of the companies that carry heirloom and open pollinated seeds stock these. They are certainly worth a try!

Find more information on different tomato varieties here.


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