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Gardening Jones shares links to articles of interest each week.

It has been an interesting week weather wise.

We started out shoveling and ended up melting instead. Ahead we are looking at more warmer than normal temperatures as El Nino continues to affect us.

I’ll take it.

In fact, I may just do some internet surfing on the front porch today.

In the meantime, here are some links to articles of interest I stumbled over this week. Enjoy!

This is a wonderful map showing the trail of migratory birds. Neat stuff.

Young gorillas dismantle poachers’ traps. Love it!

Have you heard of The Convention of States? Check it out.

I’ve tried nasturtiums, but never calendula. Did you know you can eat them?

Are trees social beings?

Interesting article about the psychological effects of burning Frankincense as incense.

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Links of Interest 4

Gardening Jones shares the links she found this week that y'all might like.

It was all over the news this weekend, and likely will continue into the week.

We had a mere 8″ of snow, but SaveTheWorld, our youngest, had the luck to be living in Baltimore.

You can barely see her car.

So whether you’re in the cold of Florida or the snow along the other parts of the east, here are some links we think you will enjoy.

Stay warm!

A cute video on the history of popcorn. Have you ever grown your own?

A four-in-one gardening blog post.

OT, but some neat kitchen gadgets.

Our post on GRIT on making a mason bee house.

Some hearty and healthy slow cooker recipes for your Meatless Monday.

Community Gardens Imperiled by NY’s Affordable Housing Plans.

Our 6 most recent blog posts.

Grow more dry beans! Fart Filtering undies. I kid you not.

And on that note… :-)

Have a great week y’all!

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Links of Interest 3

Gardening Jones shares some of the more interesting links she has come across.

Some chickens don’t mind the winter.

We actually got some cold weather this past week here in the northeast. Still, we are gearing up for the upcoming gardening season, and as such are always perusing the internet for interesting gardening links.

Here are a few we thought you might also enjoy.

Have a great week y’all!

How Birds Stay Warm in Winter

Fruit Walls – Urban Farming in the 1600’s

Why Not Label GMO Foods?

What are Pulses?

While we’re on the subject.

Hmm… Persian Basil. Sounds interesting.

Breeding Dwarf Tomatoes. Neato stuff.

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Links of Interest 2

Gardening Jones shares links to interesting things she finds on the internet each week.

About Microgreens

Please excuse the language, but this short video is great.

DIY Tomato Buckets

Hershey Dumps GMO Sugar Beets

On companion planting.

15 Gardening Hacks.

This is very long, but holy heck!

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Links of Interest

Spring just may be here sooner than you think.

Spring just may be here sooner than you think.

Each Sunday we will provide links to some of the more interesting things we have come across.

We hope these will entertain and inform you, perhaps save you some time and money as well.

A year of gardening Gonnas from Helen Yoest.

This will warm your heart.

Some interesting places to go in winter.

DIY Seed Bombs

3 Avocado Life Hacks

33 Ways to Go Green This Year

Giving Robots the Power to Say “No

Video: Mason Bees Emerges From Cocoon

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Murphy’s Garden

murphy's law of gardening

Call it Mother Nature, or call it Murphy’s Law, but the gardener is only a player on the growing stage.

One thing we have learned is that no matter how long you wait for a seedling to sprout, as soon as you replant, the first one will come up.
Followed very quickly by the more recently planted.

The second planting of seeds were marked in this picture above. A week later the first seed sprouted. One more week and here you have it.

free plants

Apparently this also holds true when you reuse seed starting mix.

We finally gave up on a few seeds that never sprouted, and dumped the mix in with our potting soil.
This little patio tomato, center above, was potted up about 2 weeks ago. Now it has a tall friend, some kind of brassica, with it. It kind of looks like kale, but we shall know soon enough.

In case that isn’t enough, another little seedling is joining in.
So far, this one ain’t talkin’.


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