Oct 13

When to Plant – Mid-Summer

June through early August in Zones 5-6 plant what does not like high temperatures and/or can handle light frost, or has a short growing time:

Beans through mid July, if they are under 60 days to maturity.

Beets and Carrots can be planted mid-August.

The Cabbage Family includes Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower and Cabbage. The best time to plant is early or at the end of the summer as these veggies do not like the heat. Look for seeds or plants labeled “Late” or “Storage” as these are meant for the fall temperatures.

Kale can be planted as early as mid-July (or 3 months before the expected fall frost date). It takes cold weather very well, esp. varieties such as Winterbor. Kale can be left in the ground and harvested all winter in many areas.

Parsnips are often planted in June to mid-July to either be eaten fresh in the fall, or to winter over. They are sweeter the following Spring.

Radishes continue to plant as room is available.

Rutabagas can be planted mid-July for a fall crop (100 days from seed to table).

Lettuce can be planted again mid-July.