Mar 11

Kikuza Pumpkin

Mandolin and I enjoy growing unusual varieties of food, and last summer we experimented with this Kikuza winter squash.

Here it comes.

Here it comes.

It is a pumpkin originally from Japan, but we were able to get seeds from Baker Creek. The fruit are only a few pounds each, so they lend themselves well to growing vertically, yet they are still large enough to make preparing them not a chore.

Easy to grow vertically.

Easy to grow vertically.

The fruit turns from green to tan as you can see, not your typical orange. But if you are growing it to enjoy eating the flesh, consider this variety as the flavor is delightful, and in our opinion, much more flavorful than most pumpkin varieties. Baker Creek describes it as “sweet and dry, and has a spicy flavor”.

Yep, that is pretty accurate.

Harvested ripe and stored.

Harvested ripe and stored.

It is a Cucurbita moschata, which means unlike most pumpkins, it won’t cross pollinate with your zucchini and most other squashes, allowing you to save the seed from year to year.

It stores well in cold holding, as these two have for the past 5 months.

We are so pleased that we intend to grow these again. Why not when the seeds are free, right?


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  1. Kelly

    Where can I get some of the seeds? Thanks.

    1. gjones

      Kelly, the only place I know of is Baker Creek. their website is called rareseeds.com.

  2. dawn

    http://www.seedsavers.org has kikuza seeds also

    1. gjones

      Thanks Dawn!

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