May 17

9 Varieties of Cucumbers

Lemon cucumber

Lemon cucumber

When you think of a cucumber do you think first of a salad or of pickles?
How you intend to use them should be taken into consideration before you choose what type(s) to grow.

Note by the botanical names that some of these varieties are not technically cucumbers, which are Cucumis sativus; but they are used as cucumbers so we listed them as well.
Here HL refers to both heirloom and open pollinated, where F1 refers to any hybrid.

Variety Botanical name Appearance Harvest HL or F1 Best Use
Lemon Cucumis sativus Round whitish yellow 2" diameter HL Fresh eating
Armenian Cucumis melo Cylindrical pale green with ribs 2" width HL Fresh eating
West Indian Gherkin Cucumis anguria Small medium green with spikes 2-3" HL Pickling
Tasty Jade Cucumbis sativus Cylindrical dark green 12" F1 Suitable for greenhouses
Marketmore Cucumbis sativus Cylindrical dark green 9" HL Slicing fresh
Boston Pickling Cucumis sativus Medium green smooth skin 6" HL Pickling whole or sliced
Longfellow Cucumis sativus Cylindrical dark green 12-14" HL Fresh or pickle slices
Sikkim Cucumis sativus Dark red Several pounds in weight HL Fresh eating
Tendergreen Burpless Cucumis sativus Medium green 6-12" HL Fresh eating

There are very many more types than just these.
Do you have a favorite one to grow?