Jun 08

15 Tomato Varieties



When it comes to the most popular garden edible, many seasoned growers have their particular favorites.
Still, if you are new to gardening or if you have some spare room, it is fun to try some tomato varieties you have never grown before.

Here is a list of just a few of the many tomatoes available. HL refers to an heirloom variety, and F1 to a hybrid.
Ind is an indeterminate type, and Det a determinate tomato.

Variety Growth Habit Description HL or F1 Use
San Marzano Ind Long red tapered fruit HL Sauces and dried
Pink Ox-heart Ind Very large pinkish oval fruit HL Slicing
Early Girl/New Girl Ind 4-6 oz. early red fruit F1 Multiple
Mortgage Lifter Ind large to 1 pound pinkish fruit Considered HL Multiple
Jersey Devil Ind 5-6" tapered red HL Paste/Sauces
Sungold Ind Small cherry shaped yellow-orange fruit F1 Snacking
Oregon Spring Det Early mid-size cold tolerant fruit HL Multiple
Marglobe Det Medium red fruit HL Sauces
Green Zebra Ind small 3 oz. green striped fruit considered HL Salads
Cour Di Bue Ind Large red heart shaped fruit HL Slicing
Striped Cavern Ind Medium bell pepper shaped red with yellow stripes HL Stuffing
Eva Purple Ball Ind Medium 6oz. round purple fruit HL Multiple
Pink Brandywine Ind Large over 1 pound pinkish fruit HL Multiple
Pompeii Ind Abundant medium-small tapered red fruits F1 Sauces
Black Krim Ind Large deep reddish purple fruit HL Slicing

Sources: Personal experience as well as the seed packets we have from Johnny’s Seeds, Renee’s Garden, Seed Savers’ Exchange and Baker Creek.


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  1. Gloria Monroe

    As always another keeper!! I am familiar with some of these tomatoes but not all, Thanks for posting!


    1. gjones

      Our pleasure Gloria, thank you for commenting! TOL!

  2. Mickie Hicks

    I have recently moved to an area that pure clay as far down as you can dig. Therefore, I’m forced to grow my tomatoes in pots. I grew the “sweet one hundreds” (not sure of the name)last year and they were prolific but so late in the season. I live at almost 6,000 feet. Large tomatoes just can’t make it. I need a tomato a little larger than a cherry tomato. I’m disenchanted with Early Girl. Any suggestions?


    1. gjones

      I would suggest San Marzano. They tend to produce earlier then most because they are smaller, for us anyway, and we really like the flavor. Our favorite cherry type is sungold.

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