Aug 26

2 Varieties of Heirloom Zucchini You’re Gonna Love

Somewhat by fortunate accident we ended up with a total of 3 zucchini beds made of 2 different varieties of heirloom zucchini.

Neither variety is very prolific, which means our kitchen is not inundated with green summer squashes.
Since both can brag a flavor far superior to any zucchini we had ever tasted, every harvest is greatly appreciated.

Caserta Zucchini

Caserta Zucchini

Seed source: Caserta cocozelle type from

This is our first year with this cocozelle type variety, and we both agree the flavor is outstanding.
Don’t go hiding this variety in any zucchini bread, but instead let it stand out as the feature veggie.

Until you have tasted an Italian heirloom, you will probably think one zucchini is pretty much the same as the next.

Not only are they simply better homegrown, heirloom varieties that have survived because of their flavor are well worth trying.

Trust us, you will be hooked.

Costata Romanesco Zucchini

Costata Romanesco Zucchini

Seed source: Costata romanesco from Johnny’s Select Seeds

Equally wonderful in flavor, we had been growing this variety for many years.

We took a break 2 years ago to do some experimenting with squash cross pollination, but this spring ran across some saved seeds.

So here we are with 3 hills of zucchini, not once feeling overwhelmed, and enjoying the rich flavor both varieties provide.

If forced to compare we could not pick one over the other for flavor.
We would say the caserta cocozelle is a bit more prolific, and the costata romanesco’s more pronounced ribs gives it an edge for appearance.

If you are looking for recipes, we are compiling them on our recipe page here. Many more to come, including our latest Zucchini Burgers on 8/29/14.


  1. The caserta has such a nice delicate flavor … I am definitely a huge fan of the caserta variety

      • gjones on August 28, 2014 at 10:35 am

      We are now, thanks to you! The flavor of these zucchinis is so much better than any homegrown zucchini, it is really amazing. I never though a zucchini could be impressive, but they are.

    • Gloria Monroe on September 8, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    GJ – These sound so good, I have a terribel problem with any form of squash I get a billion squash bugs, any ideas to help me???
    I grow organic and a few years back I picked so many squash bugs and their eggs off my 2 squash plants I ended up having a sciatic nerve problem from all the bending , needless to say I can’t do that again hehe!

    Hugs and TOL!!!

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