Sep 21

28 Kinds of Veggies and When to Harvest Them

When to harvest corn.

Some veggies make it easy to know when to pick the, tomatoes for example.
Others, not so much.

So here is a chart of many of the most common veggies, and when to harvest them:

Veggie Type When to Harvest Notes
Beans String Pick before the seeds get big.
Beans Shell Let the seeds get plump before harvesting.
Beans Dry Harvest just as the skin begins to turn color.
Broccoli All Cut before flower petals begin show. Continue to harvest smaller shoots.
Brussel Sprouts Harvest when they are big enough to eat. Harvest all before they open.
Cabbage All Pick when the head is a nice size.
Carrots Harvest when the top seems a reasonable size.
Cauliflower All Same as broccoli
Corn Sweet When kernels produce a milky substance when cut and silks are brown. About 3 weeks after silks appear.
Corn Dry When the kernels are completely mature and the husks are drying on the stalk.
Cucumbers As soon as they are big enough. Can be picked larger as well.
Eggplant All Pick when the skin gets shiny.
Beans Fava-Broad-Lima Pick when the seeds are plump.
Jerusalem Artichokes Harvest after the flowers bend over. They are sweeter after a frost.
Kohlrabi All Pick when the bulb is about golf ball size. If they get too big they become woody.
Greens Continuous harvest Begin sparingly once the plants are established and until they bolt.
Melons Most In general pick when the skin begins to change color. It takes practice.
Okra All Pick when the pods are the size indicated on the seed packet. Generally smaller is better.
Onions Bulb When tops fall over.
Peas Snow Harvest before the seeds inside start to develop.
Peas Garden Let the peas get plump before picking.
Peppers Sweet & Hot Pick at any size or when they reach their full color.
Potatoes Harvest the whole crop when the tops begin to die back or before a frost. You can also grapple a few new spuds earlier.
Squash Summer The smaller the better.
Squash Winter Harvest when they are the right color. They can tolerate a light frost.
Sweet Potatoes Harvest before the first frost.
Tomatoes All Harvest whenever they get full color and the fruit becomes a little softer.
Watermelon All When you hear a ‘thump’ when you knock on one- when the spot where they rest on the ground turns yellow- or when the tendril near the stem turns brown.