Oct 26

11 Beet Varieties

yellow beets

Not all beets are created equal, nor do they taste the same. Even most people who don’t like beets normally, may change their minds with a milder tasting one. The Golden Beet pictured has a very mild flavor compared to dark red beets.

Of course how you prepare them matters as well. Even Mandolin, who professes to dislike beets, will eat Beet Burgers.

So here are a few varieties to consider, whether you are trying to get someone else to like beets, or even yourself.

Note that beets listed as ‘heirloom’ includes open pollinated varieties.

Variety Color DTM HL or F1 Flavor & Use
Detroit Dark Red Red 55 HL Sweet with good greens.
Touchstone Gold Yellow 55 HL Sweet and smooth.
Albino White 55 HL Super sweet.
Chioggia Red with pink ringed flesh 60 HL Mildly sweet.
Cylindra Red 54 HL Oblong shape yields uniform slices for canning.
Bull's Blood Red 35-55 HL Grown more for the leaves which are harvested early.
Babybeet Red 40 HL Small beet great for preparing whole.
Merlin Red 48 F1 Very uniform growing beets that are smooth and very sweet.
Golden Beet Yellow 55 HL Very sweet non-bleeding color.
Lutz Salad Leaf Red 70 HL Large root that stores well and great leaves.
Sugar Beet White 95 HL Large conical roots can be used for making sugar.

non gmo sugar beets

Additional notes:

  • Yellow beet varieties tend to have a lower germination rate, but they also have a milder flavor.
  • Most beet seeds pods contain 2 seeds, so thinning is needed or you can just give them enough room to stay together.

Information sources: Personal experience, seed packets, Baker Creek and Johnny’s Select Seed catalogs.