Nov 09

7 Varieties of Cauliflower

varieties of cauliflower

Not all cauliflowers are created equal.
There are many varieties of color available, as well as some variants in the shape of the mature head.

Name Color F1 or HL Notes
Snow Crown White F1 Very early summer or fall type.
Graffiti Purple F1 Longer to mature but grows large heads with great color.
Green Macereta Apple Green HL Early Italian variety
Snowball Self-Blanching White HL Standard variety that you do not need to pull the leaves over to get a nice color.
Purple of Sicily Purple w/ White HL Turns green when cooked.
Romanesco Lime Green HL Interesting variety with a spiraled curd.
Cheddar Orange F1 Higher in Vitamin A the color brightens when cooked.

-Graffiti seeds are becoming scarce and expensive.
-There is also a brown variety of cauliflower, but we could not find anything more than that it is an Italian variety.
-HL includes open pollinated and heirloom.
-Purple varieties have more antioxidants.

Information sources: Personal experience, seed packets, Johnny’s Select Seeds, Baker Creek Seeds, Wikipedia.