Nov 30

10 Varieties of Radish

easy to grow radishes

French Breakfast Radishes, seeds from averagepersongardening.com

One of the fastest growing edibles, radishes can be harvested in as little as three weeks after sprouting. They are often used to mark rows of vegetables that take longer to sprout, like carrots and parsnips.

Relatives of the cole crops, some radishes can be planted towards the end of summer and stored in cold holding. These varieties have a longer time to maturity, or DTM. All other varieties can be planted in early spring and again in the fall, as they do not like hot weather.

Radishes also vary in size, color and flavor. Note all varieties listed here are either heirloom or open pollinated.

Name Color Size DTM Notes
Cherry Belle Red w/ white flesh Small round 21 days Bright color
White Icicle White 4-6" icicle shape 30 Crisp and mild
Formosa White Oval 8-10" long 85-100 Good storage
Purple Plum Purple w/ white flesh Small round 28 days
German Giant Red Baseball size 29 Large size without cracking
Easter Egg Assorted colors small round 28 Fun for kids & adults
Hailstone White Small globe 25 aka White Button
Green Meat Green & white skin with green flesh 10" icicle shape 50 days
Nero Tondo Black w/ white flesh Large round 50 days Good storage
Chinese White Winter Radish White Cylindrical 6-8" 60 days Good storage Daikon

Along with personal experience, we have learned much from gardening websites and seed catalogs. We would like to thank Mike at AveragePersonGardening.com, Johnny’s Select Seeds, Baker Creek, Victory Seeds, St. Clare Heirloom Seeds, Kitazawa Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange. These are all wonderful sources for these radish varieties.