Dec 07

14 Faster Growing Edibles

You might call it fast food, these veggies are ready to eat sooner then their relatives. Whether your season is short or you just want to make the most if it, here are a few suggestions.

fast growing vegetables

Small watermelons can be grown vertically.

Vegetable Variety DTM Note
Bean Buff Valentine 50 Bush habit
Bean Contender 50 Bush habit
Broccoli Blue Wind 49 From transplanting
Beets Babybeet 40 Small but good shape
Carrot Mokum 36 Baby carrot or full size at 56 days
Cauliflower Snowcrown 50 Plant spring or fall
Cucumber Unistars 42 Small cocktail type
Eggplant Hansel 55 F1 Purple
Onion Guardsman 50 Bunching or scallion type
Peppers Sweet Ace 50 Green stage
Pumpkin Racer 85 Carving type
Radish D'Avignon 21 Long french type
Tomato Moskvich 60 Good size heirloom
Watermelon Little Baby Flower 70 2-4 lb.

Most of the information was found from Johnny’s Select Seeds and reprinted with their permission. They specialize in farm to market vegetables, so carry a number of seeds that produce quickly. Some listed here are exclusive to them.