Jan 11

The Delightful Sugar Baby Watermelon

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Small watermelons can be grown vertically.

Probably the best known of the smaller watermelons, Sugar Baby melons only weigh about 8 pounds or so, making them ideal for smaller gardens. Their vines are short compared to most melons, so growing them vertically is easy to do. Just be sure to support some of the weight of the fruit by placing it in some form of sling, and securing that to the trellis or fence you are growing them up. This helps take some of the stress off the vines.

We save the plastic mesh bags that fruit come in, and our non-gardening friends keep us supplied with the similar bags they buy their onions in. These types are perfect because they allow for plenty of airflow and do not stay wet after a rain.

Sugar Baby watermelons also do not have extensive root systems, which makes them ideal for growing in containers. We started a few seeds at the end of December, and are going to try our hand at growing them indoors. Since their days to maturity are about 80, we hope to see some melon development right around the time spring arrives. Wouldn’t eating some homegrown melon be a wonderful way to kick off the outdoor growing season?

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