Apr 21

Murphy’s Garden

murphy's law of gardening

Call it Mother Nature, or call it Murphy’s Law, but the gardener is only a player on the growing stage.

One thing we have learned is that no matter how long you wait for a seedling to sprout, as soon as you replant, the first one will come up.
Followed very quickly by the more recently planted.

The second planting of seeds were marked in this picture above. A week later the first seed sprouted. One more week and here you have it.

free plants

Apparently this also holds true when you reuse seed starting mix.

We finally gave up on a few seeds that never sprouted, and dumped the mix in with our potting soil.
This little patio tomato, center above, was potted up about 2 weeks ago. Now it has a tall friend, some kind of brassica, with it. It kind of looks like kale, but we shall know soon enough.

In case that isn’t enough, another little seedling is joining in.
So far, this one ain’t talkin’.


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  1. Teri Herzog

    Jones, Good Mornings form Jacksonville,Fl. I am growing small cherry tomato in five gallon bucket,they are growing great,I am using the cage my major problem is plant has gotten 7 to 8 tall one cage not tall enough so I stuck another on top,,,it was really tied together really except with plastic tie things now tomato plant is top heavy so try to tie it up,If pushing limbs back into crate just so over grown but loaded with tomatos. what should I have done? If this isn’t something you do direct me.But everything I look up talks about the wire fence is great not for me moment. I love your web site. Thanks Teri Herzog

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