Jan 24

Links of Interest 4

Gardening Jones shares the links she found this week that y'all might like.

It was all over the news this weekend, and likely will continue into the week.

We had a mere 8″ of snow, but SaveTheWorld, our youngest, had the luck to be living in Baltimore.

You can barely see her car.

So whether you’re in the cold of Florida or the snow along the other parts of the east, here are some links we think you will enjoy.

Stay warm!

A cute video on the history of popcorn. Have you ever grown your own?

A four-in-one gardening blog post.

OT, but some neat kitchen gadgets.

Our post on GRIT on making a mason bee house.

Some hearty and healthy slow cooker recipes for your Meatless Monday.

Community Gardens Imperiled by NY’s Affordable Housing Plans.

Our 6 most recent blog posts.

Grow more dry beans! Fart Filtering undies. I kid you not.

And on that note… :-)

Have a great week y’all!