Jan 31

Sunday Shares

Gardening Jones shares links to articles of interest each week.

It has been an interesting week weather wise.

We started out shoveling and ended up melting instead. Ahead we are looking at more warmer than normal temperatures as El Nino continues to affect us.

I’ll take it.

In fact, I may just do some internet surfing on the front porch today.

In the meantime, here are some links to articles of interest I stumbled over this week. Enjoy!

This is a wonderful map showing the trail of migratory birds. Neat stuff.

Young gorillas dismantle poachers’ traps. Love it!

Have you heard of The Convention of States? Check it out.

I’ve tried nasturtiums, but never calendula. Did you know you can eat them?

Are trees social beings?

Interesting article about the psychological effects of burning Frankincense as incense.