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12 Varieties of Swiss Chard

When most gardeners think of Swiss Chard, also called Silverbeet among other common names, they think of 2 varieties:

The everyday Swiss Chard, white stems with green leaves, and the Bright or Neon Lights which boasts a variety of colors.

Gardening Jones looks at 12 varieties of Swiss Chard.

There are more than that and I would bet, more to come. For now, here’s a few to consider:

Variety Stem Colors Note
Green Lucullus White Stems Green Leaves
Neon Lights Blend Red Orange Yellow Pink Equal parts of each
Orange Fantasia Awesome orange variety
Flamingo Pinkish Red with red veins
Fordhook Giant Green leaves White stems Savoyed Leaves
Bright Lights Blend White Pink Gold Orange Purple Red Leaves vary Green or Bronze AAS Winner
Magenta Sunset Pink stems and veins Stems are narrow
Bright Yellow Yellow stems and veins Deep Green leaves
Oriole Golden Orange Stems get brighter as they grow Deep green leaves
Ruby Red/Rhubarb Candy Apple Red Stems Babies may bolt if frost occurs
Peppermint (pictured) Pink & White striped stems Dark Green leaves
Barese White with Green leaves grown for great tender leaves

There is also a variety called Perpetual Spinach, if you are looking for more of a spinach taste and don’t care about the stalks.

DTM on these are all about the same, 60 days full grown for bunching, 4 weeks baby leaves.

Some information is from experience with seeds purchased through Mike the Gardener, Burpee’s, and Bohan Seeds. Additional info reprinted with permission from Johnny’s Select Seeds.

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    • Sophie on July 4, 2016 at 5:44 am

    Wow I had no idea there were so many! I like spinach so getting perpetual spinach is ideal for me. Thank you!

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