Jan 14

#SmelfieSoaps – Fun Meets Functional

Gardening Jones share their new line of soap for the #hashtag lovers out there, or anyone with a sense of humor. #smelfie

Introducing felted #SmelfieSoaps – a fun way to wash while staying in touch with social media. Each bar comes complete with a set of #hashtags you can use to reach out to others. Okay, so they are really #TongueInCheek – but if enough people use them, they will be popular. 😉

Felted Soap is a wonderful way to wash and exfoliate at the same time. Bonus: Wool is naturally antibacterial, so it can be used repeatedly in the bath with no worries. And, it helps keep that bar from slipping out of your hands.

Eventually the soap will be used up and the wool shrunk down, but there are a number of ways to reuse the wool. You can add your favorite fragrance or essential oil, let dry, then store in a clothes drawer, in the car, or toss in the dryer.

Each #vegan friendly bar weighs at least 4 oz.

We will be happy to combine shipping. One bar ships for $3, but 4 ship for $7. We use a base shipping fee, then a wee bit per item, in an effort to get you the best deal.

More products are also on the way, and we will find you the least expensive shipping option.

Dragons of Egypt

Frankincense and Myrrh from Egypt are combined with Dragon’s Blood, Jasmine, Rose and Woody Musk for the kind of scent that makes you want to inhale deep, you know, like a dragon would before letting loose the fire. #DragonsAreReal #WashLikeAnEgyptian #NoDragonsWereHarmed #DragonsGold #SoHot,HotDamn #DontBelieveMeJustWash #BeTheHungarianHorntail

Sweet Dreams

This empowering combination of Chamomile, Vanilla, and Lemongrass brings a deep down cleansing unmatched by store bought soaps. #WashYourCaresAway #StopThinkingAndSleep #ItsTheInnerBeautyThatCounts #BelieveInYourSmell #HappinessIsAChoice #YouGotThis

Back in the Saddle

Similar to Naked Cowboy this soap combines the wonderful scents of Leather with fresh Cucumber and Kiwi, with just enough Cedar to keep it, well, interestin’. We also added fresh organic cucumber and Vitamin C to the blend. #SaveAHorse #WashSoftlyOnThisHeartOfMine #ManlySoapForManlyMen #MoveEmOnHeadEmUp #ByTheCampfireLight


Beer… it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Roasted Oatmeal Stout battles it out with a Pale Ale. Who wins? Why, you do of course. #LargerThanLife #RoastedNotToasted #IfYouCantWashWithItDontDrinkIt #TubFullOfBeer #WashResponsibly #ThisOnesForYou #NothingMicroHere

Scent :