Jan 15

Farmstand Soaps

Your skin is your largest organ. Take good care of it with Gardening Jones' Seed to Soaps featuring products from their organic gardens.


This is where we first got started, making soaps that include organic ingredients from our gardens. If we cannot grow it, we buy organic.

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Soaps are 3.5-4 oz. each and allowed to air dry to remove excess moisture. This helps the bars last longer.

Coming Feb. 1, 2017

Organically grown lavender from our gardens is dried and ground to help scent this soap. Additional essential oil is added. This is a wonderful bar to add to a pajama drawer or linen closet after it gets small, to help keep fabric smelling great. Slight tint added.

Cucumber & Cream
Fresh organically grown cucumbers act as a mild astringent and together with milk have been used for centuries to improve the complexion. Fruit Fresh is added to keep the cucumber fresh and has the additional benefit of Vitamin C. This soap is naturally tinted and has a Cucumber-Kiwi scent.

Carrot Ginger
Naturally occurring beta carotene acts as an anti-oxidant in this soap, and together with vitamin A can help draw out the bad and promote healing to improve your skin’s health. Also contains Lime Juice and the natural ingredients in Fruit Fresh, which adds Vitamin C to the mix. A wee bit of Ginger has been reputed to lift the spirit. Tinted by organically grown carrots, scented with Ginger-Lime.

Made from freshly ground coffee beans with no added scent, Coffee Soap will not only wake you up it will remove unwanted odors as well as dirt & grass stains from your skin. One customer swears it helped prevent poison ivy as well.

Citrus Lemongrass
Made with homemade orange zest and fresh lemon juice, with a wee bit of Lemongrass essential oil added. The naturally occurring Vitamin C acts as a skin tightener.

Strawberry & Cream
Organically grown fresh strawberries from our gardens added to this soap will not only make you smile, they will also tighten up your skin. Milk has been recorded as used way back to the days of the Pharaohs and is thought to be the secret to Cleopatra’s gorgeous skin. Lightly scented with Strawberry Milkshake fragrance oil. Yum! Note: Contains real strawberries, be careful of allergies. Fruit Fresh added to retain freshness.

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