About this Site

This is no egg-and-chicken thing, this website existed more than a decade before our blog ever did.

The original hand-drawn logo.

At the suggestion of our youngest daughter we started writing gardening information to help others learn to grow their own food. We began on Blogger and still also had the website. When we switched hosting companies and went to WordPress to host the blog, all our original content on the website disappeared.
Well, at least we thought so.

In the years that passed, the blog has received a great deal of positive attention and we couldn’t be happier! It was just recently that a garden writer I have e-met was inquiring about a specific subject. Knowing there was something on the blog from early on about it, I did a search. Sure enough there was one we had copied over from blogger. Lo and behold at the end of the post there was a link back to our original website. Attached to that page were more links to other parts of the site.

Good thing I was sitting down.

Perhaps it really is serendipity, as in the meantime we have returned to making soaps and other bath products at home, naturally and free from animal cruelty; the kind of products we would buy.

So we need a place to list those, while still keeping up with the blog and as much gardening info, and now also DIY, as we can. So, here we are back where we started.

Life sure is interesting.

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