2010 archive

Dec 31

Goodbye 2010

gardening jones

I take a lot of pictures, but most never make it to the blog. Some are failed experiments, some are just too strange. Even for me. So to end this year, I thought you might enjoy seeing what I haven’t shown you. Where we keep our garden gloves, so Mandog can’t chew them: The proof …

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Dec 30

How to Grow – Blueberries

baby blueberry bush

You would think putting a stick in the ground; one with roots that is, would be simple enough. And it is. If you want a productive stick, however, there a just a few things you should know: 1. Blueberries like coffee. Well, actually, they like acidic soil. Check yours to see what the ph. is, …

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Dec 28

Triple Berry Jam

homegrown red raspberries

Many of the recipes I use are ones born of need, or laziness. I had strawberries. I had blueberries. I had red raspberries. I just didn’t have enough of any one to make jam. You know what it’s like when you crave something? I wanted jam. So I improvised. This is now our favorite flavor- …

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Dec 27

Snow, You Know?

snow in the woods

I do not like you snow, you know You turn cold my fingers and toes You make red my cheeks and nose I do not like you snow, you know I do not like you snow, you know You cause slippery my paths and roads You cover where I shoveled When the cold wind blows …

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Dec 26

Dill Cheese Bread

recipes em masse

I was gathering all my recipes hoping to find some you may like. What a mess! One little recipe card fell out that I received from my sister-in-law when I was first married. Later we made it at the restaurant and the customers loved it- hmmm, perfect; if they liked it perhaps you will too. …

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Dec 23

Peas to Please

growing peas

I’m in gardening withdrawl, are you? I love green peas mainly because they are one of the first seeds to go into the ground in spring. As soon as the ground can be worked – one of my favorite sayings – you simply push that pea seed in. Regular green peas are the ‘shelling’ type, …

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Dec 21

Pennsylvania Proud

penn dot at work

I’m Pennsylvania born and raised, and like other Americans – proud of the state I call home. Here’s a few facts about Pa.- it’s the only state that refers to itself by it’s abbreviation (if you’re thinking LA- its not a state) it was featured in a Bill Murry movie and a Glenn Miller song …

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Dec 19

Nov. 15th. – Dec. 19th.

discarded windows to build a cold frame

WARNING: SOME OF THESE PICTURE ARE GRAPHIC AND MAY BE DISTURBING! It’s almost the end of the season and there is not a lot going on in the garden. This year I tried my hand at a fall garden. I didn’t do too well. I can blame it on the unseasonably cold temperatures, but in …

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Dec 18

Beans for Boobies

think pink

A while back I entered an Iron Foodie contest sponsored by Foodie Blog Roll and Marx Foods. Although I didn’t make the final cut, the generous and fun people at Marx Foods decided to give all the entrants a free sample box, no strings attached. We were invited to choose 5 different items from a …

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Dec 16

Ham and Broccoli Au Gratin

baby broccoli

Broccoli and cheese seem to be naturals together. Just the other night I fixed a few Baked Potatoes and stuffed them with steamed broccoli and topped with cheese. Mmmm. This recipe goes way back to when a wonderful Chef showed Mandolin how to make a dish that proved to be one of the all time …

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