Jan 09

Grow Up!

Many gardeners know that you can grow Beans, Peas, Cucumbers and other vine crops up a trellis or fence. You may not know, however that you can also grow potatoes that way:
Since your end project will be heavy, it is best to do this where you intend to grow the potatoes.
Use a new clean plastic 25-30 gallon trash (garbage) can. Punch holes in the bottom as well as 6 “up from bottom for drainage. You can aid drainage by putting a few pieces of broken pottery, stones, or the like in the bottom of the can. Add rough compost and good potting soil. Add your potatoes as you normally would (if this is all new to you, go to the website: http://www.gardeningjones.com/grow_up!.htm for more info).Continue to add soil and compost as potatoes grow. Water as needed.
I experimented using the same number of potatoes for in-ground and trash can. I did yield a few more potatoes in-ground, but the harvest was better per square inch of ground space used with the trash can method. Happy Gardening!

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