Gardening for Dollars (part 1 – grow what you use)

This morning as it rained I was reading gardening related posts on Stumble Upon. I found a table that listed produce by harvest price per pound per square foot. Interesting. I always have considered how much I save as one of the factors when I choose what to plant. Because I have a large garden, though, it isn’t a top priority.
For my family, what I plant is based more on what we eat the most: basil, garlic, onions and spinach are our top 4 favorites:
~Basil is very expensive (Pesto Sauce likewise) so I plant a lot. It takes a lot of this wonderful herb to get the amount of Pesto Sauce we use every year, so our savings are high.
~Garlic holds very well and is easy to grow, plus it takes up little space. It doesn’t cost much at the store, but the convenience of having it on hand means a lot to us.
~Onions are likewise not as expensive as other produce items but we love the taste of them fresh from the garden. Prepared onions, like dried onions and onion powder, can be expensive.
~Spinach is the vegetable we use the most but it is not as easy to grow -for me anyway. I either seem to have to weed it a lot or it bolts on me. Like basil, it takes a lot to get a little. Although we use it often, I don’t usually grow a lot of it. I have grown swiss chard in its place, but my daughter (who eats the majority of the spinach) doesn’t like it as much.
Hmmm. I just reread what I wrote and apparently I have given in on a challenging task – that doesn’t sound like me! Ok Spinach – Bring it!
I can do this, I have the knowledge and I have the skills. I will choose an area that is less weedy. The new strawberry bed will be perfect as these two do well together and will eliminate the need for mulch. I will choose a variety that is slow to bolt and make successive planting to continue the crop into the fall. I can do this.
Game on.
produce by harvest price per pound per square

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    Thanks so much…and thanks to your cousin! (I love my cousins!) ~GJ

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