Jun 05

Smarter Berries

I must say that I am glad that my two older kids (and their spouses) have taken to gardening.

My daughter just moved into her house last fall, so planting flowers this year is her and her husband’s (Mr. & Mrs. Jones-Ninja) first gardening experience as a couple.

My son has had a vegetable garden a few years now. He even took a successful stab at cooking and canning Salsa.

While visiting Mr. & Mrs. Jones jr. recently I was quite impressed with the system he built for growing and protecting strawberries.
It is 12 feet by 3.25 feet; and has four hinged lids with hooks and handles.
The lids have hardware cloth to let the pollinators in and still keep the birds and squirrels out.

He has reported getting the first berries over the Memorial Holiday weekend, a little early this year.
Check out the pictures he sent for more details.

how to build a strawberry bed

handles make the picking easier

handmade strawberry bed

each section has its own hinged lid

building a strawberry bed

nice berries

build a strawberry bed

easy access to num-num-ness

hooks and eyes insure the lids stay in place

building a strawberry bed

bugs get in, bunnies stay out

Twelve feet will grow a lot of Strawberries!

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  1. Avatar of gj

    I love it! On the table for next year!!!! yay

  2. Avatar of gj

    That is a great set up! Thanks for sharing GJ.

  3. Avatar of gj

    That is a clever idea. Excellent.

  4. Avatar of gj
    Tami Greever

    Nice job, Mr. Jones Ninja. ..way to score points with the Mother-in-Law and her groupies! Yes, you are being stalked. . .as in the stalk of a plant(er). We tend to be invasive.

  5. Avatar of gj

    I saw this last year and built them to go over my strawberries. It works great. No more rabbits, squirrels or birds getting the berries. Just me.

  6. Avatar of gj

    That’s great!

  7. Avatar of gj

    Just don’t use pressure treated wood for these.

  8. Avatar of gj
    Peggy Wren

    Why do you not use pressure treated wood? Other woods don’t hold up very well outside, especially with our Minnesota winters, so what do you recommend? I have two 8×4 raised regular gardens and used landscaping logs, which I think are “treated”. I did completely cover bottom and sides before we put dirt in so is that ok? I also built a one layer 8 x 8 strawberry garden last summer out of four 8 inch landscape logs to which I will definitely add your cover this summer! But do I need to dismantle all of these and start over????

  9. Avatar of gj

    Pressure treated wood used to be bad because of the way the wooed was treated, namely with arsenic. Things are much different today and pressure treated wood is considered safe for vegetable gardens. I see no need to dismantle anything, just add the lids on. Here’s more on pressure treated wood: http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/is-treated-lumber-safe-for-building-raised-bed-vegetable-gardens/

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