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Dec 30

Auld Lang What?

johnnys seeds 2011 catalog

It seems like only recently that people were trying to break the habit of referring to the year as oh-something- 08, 09 and not only did I hear numerous 0-10’s I heard a few 0-11’s. But here we stand again ready to close out what is done and start anew. With that in mind, I …

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Dec 27

How to Grow – Basil

pesto sauce

When posed the question: “If you could only grow two herbs, which would you choose?” More than 20 herbs were listed, overwhelmingly Basil was mentioned. We would have to agree, and think of it more as a veggie than an herb.     The most commonly grown variety is the Large Leaf, AKA Italian Basil. …

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Dec 23

Saving the World pt. 2

“What’s the simplest thing a person can do to make the world better?” I asked STW, “Do one small thing each day” was her answer. She went on to explain that a person needs to start small and go from there. I’d agree- even just smiling at another person or saying “Good morning” may have …

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Dec 20

Saving the World pt.1

gardening jones' vision board

My youngest recently came home from her first semester in college. As soon as we were done unloading the car, off she went to work… of course, by the end of the day, she was so exhausted she just slept. Now the next day she was off, and like any red-blooded American kid she relaxed …

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Dec 18

Real Gardening Women:

japanese beetles

Don’t wear gloves “Need help loading that, Ma’am?” … are you serious? Have muscles Don’t have ‘Honey Do’ lists …well, maybe short ones Are not afraid of bugs Can do at least some of the ‘grunt’ work, if not all Have their own Tool Shed Don’t mind the word ‘hoe’ Wear rubber boots Know a …

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Dec 17

Five Cheese Stuffed Onions

stuffed onions

My daughter-in law brought wonderful Stuffed Onions to our Thanksgiving table this year, and I’ve been thinking about them since. I had never heard of stuffing onions, though it make sense (and I love onions!) Not sure how to go about making them, I looked online and found numerous recipes. Still… Now today we’re going …

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Dec 16

The Right Stuff

homegrown veggies

This post is inspired by a recent discussion that took place in the Facebook group Gardenaholics Anonymous. Unlike many other similar groups, this one is not about photos- it is really about helping other gardeners. We got to talking about all the misinformation that is out in the media. Older gardeners, like many of us …

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Dec 11

Cross-Pollination, pt. 2 “Why?”

The down side of cross pollination is that it effects the seeds of your veggies. If you don’t save seeds, then you need only concern yourself with 3 veggies: 1. Corn 2. Peppers and to a lesser extent 3. Shell Beans What you see and eat on an ear of corn is the seeds. If …

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Dec 10

Cross-Pollination, pt. 1 “How?”

pea bud

This may be more information than you want, but it makes for lively conversation at parties. Pollination refers to the transfer of pollen from the male reproductive part of a flower to the female reproductive part of a flower. Cross-pollination refers to the transfer of pollen from the flower of one plant to a flower …

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Dec 09

Pole Beans Vs. Bush Beans

beans seed drying

When planning your garden, whether to grow pole beans or bush beans is more often a decision that’s based on what variety of beans you want. If you are looking for a basic table green bean, then you have to make a decision. Pole beans will generally yield more veggie per space they use. You …

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