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I stopped by my FB friend Anna’s page Best Garden Blogs this morning.
She’s always sharing great garden blog links, and I came across this:
Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest
Now normally I wouldn’t enter a photo contest.
To be honest, last fall Mandolin looked online for me to get directions on how to take a close up shot.
I’ve had the camera for years.

I’m a gardener, not a photographer.

What caught my eye was a mason jar. hmmm…
When you read the article, which has great photo taking advice, you’ll see they are aiming (no pun intended) this contest at ‘point-and-shoot’ people.

Hey, that about sums up my skill level right there.
I like this…

So I followed the suggestions in the post, and had a lot of fun on this wintery day playing in my kitchen.

I used what I had- seed packets and eggs.
I took a lot of shots and deleted most. I narrowed it down to 6

I can only submit 1, and it has to be in just a few days.
Please help me choose by commenting with your 1st and 2nd choice.
The pic that gets the most votes will be submitted to the Gardening Gone Wild’s Picture This Contest January 2011

life in a jar

#1 life in a jar

I like this one because of the stillness of the little seedling with the world rushing around outside


#2 spring in a jar

Perhaps I am just desperate for spring, but that’s what I see in this picture.


#3 three

This is just way cool, its the bottom of an inverted jar over an egg.


#4 eggs

Because the chicken wouldn’t fit.


#5 zinnia under glass

Seed packets under glass.

seed packets

#6 seed packets

Seed packets in a different light.

So, I need your opinion.
If you would leave a comment with the 2 pics you think I should choose from, I’d appreciate it!


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10 Responses to “Picture This”

Sarah Olson » 19 January 2011, 12:52 pm

Number 1 is absolutely the best…I LOVE it!! Second choice would be number 2, just for the wishing for Spring mentality!
(I would buy a copy of #1 for my kitchen….then again, maybe I could do it myself!)


#1 and #6

Beth Missel » 19 January 2011, 2:22 pm

I really love #5. 5 and 6 are similar but I like the looks of 5 better. When I scrolled thru, 5 said WOW. I would have to go with #1 for my other choice. Can’t wait to hear how you do with this contest!!

So far between the comments here and the ones on Facebook it looks like #1 is winning.
Funny, I would not have chosen that one, but my daughter (who has a better eye for it) also chose #1.

I think I might frame #3 and hang it over my desk. Just because its there.

Still open to suggestions…it may change yet, and thanks all for your help!!!

I agree that number 1 is my favorite!

1, 6, 3

I’ve been trying to get over to see your photos and glad I persevered. I like them all of course. I haven’t tried this trick yet but you sure make me want to. I think I’ll go nuts with it–seems like the possibilities are endless.

Hi GJ, love your creativity. Don’t say you’re not a photographer…you are. I’m not a ‘professional’ photographer…but I do love photography and through garden blogging consider myself a photographer. Just an ‘amateur’ one;-)

Thanks so much Jan! I checked out your pictures, they are awesome! I’ve kep going with this technique, it was so much fun.
Love your blog, too. Next time I update the website, I’ll link you. I think our group here would love it too ~GJ

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