Jul 15

Eat Sh*t and Die -pt. 1

baby chicks

these are the lucky ones

When I was growing up in the 60's, we only ate chicken on Sundays.
Beef or pork during the week, fish (of course) on Fridays-
For chicken we had to wait.

Why? It was too expensive.
"Hard for me to even fathom" SaveTheWorld said recently, when I was telling her this.
"Now it's so cheap."

How could this have happened?
Simply put, Factory Farms.

Picture this:
A Factory Farmed chicken (and turkey) raised for meat is given the minimum amount of room and food it needs to grow, and has been bred to grow as fast as possible.

I won't get into the details of this now; but after a short, painful and gross life- they're off to the slaughterhouse.

I'll not tell you some of the horrible things I have read that happen to many of these birds, I'll let you know how to get the rest of the story.
For now, I want to address one part of the blog title- "Eat Sh*t"

The way in which these birds are 'processed' causes them to end up with fecal matter in their body cavities.

Prior to packaging, each of these birds gets put into a water bath fondly known as 'Fecal Soup.'

It varies, but up to 11% of their weight can be absorbed from this infested water- just look on the label, it's there.

fecal soup

absorbed water is not the whole story

Let me just mention here that this is not necessary- but this water adds weight.

Weight=Money, and money is what it's all about.

It is after all, and foremost, a business.

dirty water

Let's think about it.
The correct portion for a serving of meat is 3 oz.

In this country, we consume closer to 5 oz. at a sitting.

Say you eat chicken or turkey 4 times each week, maybe twice for lunch and twice for dinner

20 oz. x 11% = 2.2 oz. x 52 weeks=you may be consuming about 14 1/3 cups of fecal water each year.


A friend of mine asked, "Does that include the name brand chicken? Aren't they better?"
Au contraire- they are some of the worst offenders.

So, when you take your kids through the drive-thru for nuggets, you are feeding them Sh*t.
Or, maybe you like your Sh*t with a side of cole slaw and a biscuit?

I must say here that this isn't all the farmers fault at all- they'd argue that they are just trying to make a living meeting the demand for meat this country, and the world, insists on.
Don't buy it.

I mean, literally- don't buy it.

If we bring down the demand, the farmers won't need to produce the meat this way.
Actually, they don't need to produce it this way.
It's just cheaper.

Buy from a local farmer if you can, or eat less.

If enough of us work for change, change will come.
We don't have to Eat this Sh*t anymore.

Read more- you really need to know the truth:
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    • Avatar of gj
    • A on July 15, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Jones-Thanks for the post. I watched a film called Earthlings (2005) and it is horrible..It touches on puppy mills, factory farms etc…No animal should have to go through their short life being treated like sh*t.

    • Avatar of gj
    • gj on July 15, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I agree A! I haven’t seen that one, but I’ve been reading a good book called Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer- it’s compelling and informative; and I will be referencing it in tomorrow’s post.

    I truly hate to spread bad news, but I’m glad I know what’s in my food, and I think everyone should know.

    • Avatar of gj
    • Kristin on July 16, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Another documentary worth watching is “Food, Inc.” It really opens your eyes to food production in America.

    • Avatar of gj
    • Sara C. on July 18, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    This post makes me feel less guilty about consuming large amounts of grass fed beef and bison. They say you are not supposed to consume a lot of read meat, but if your choice is humanely and naturally grown beef, or factory chicken, I think the former is MUCH better for your health! Not that free range chicken isn’t good, I just like my beef! :)

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