July 2011 archive

Jul 15

Eat Sh*t and Die -pt. 1

fecal soup

When I was growing up in the 60’s, we only ate chicken on Sundays. Beef or pork during the week, fish (of course) on Fridays- For chicken we had to wait. Why? It was too expensive. “Hard for me to even fathom” SaveTheWorld said recently, when I was telling her this. “Now it’s so cheap.” …

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Jul 14

Locavore Day #14 Happy Animals

eating local

Today is Animal Rights Day on Facebook. O course, the rights of animals should be looked after every day; but for today, many people are vowing to do something a little extra. Maybe they are becoming vegetarians, that’s a big step. Perhaps they are donating to an animal rescue shelter, that’s an important thing to …

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Jul 10

Dirty Rotten Blighters

pruned tomato plant

If you look on the Internet, you can find tons of great- and often detailed and scientific- information on blight. No sense in me repeating that. So, here’s the basics: -Early Blight is caused by a fungus in the soil -It affects potatoes and tomatoes -If untreated, it will absolutely affect your harvest How to …

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Jul 09

How to Make Feta Cheese

homemade feta cheese

I picked up some goat’s milk at the local Farm Market and set about making feta cheese. I looked on the Internet for ‘how to’s’ and found two with very similar instructions. Sometimes I wonder if people just copy from each other without actually trying the directions out, because neither one of them were right. …

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Jul 08

Berry Good Syrups

strawberry shortcake

In order to start the new strawberry bed last season, I painfully pinched off all blossoms; and spent my summer in Strawberry Withdrawal. This year I happily harvested a lot of strawberries and was in Strawberry Heaven. There are tons of recipes for making syrup, some involve using corn syrup -which I avoid as it’s …

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Jul 04

Locavore Day #4- Eating Consciously


I remember once hearing Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon talk about eating habits- Yes, I know I am dating myself. Johnny said there are people who Live to Eat, and people who Eat to Live. He was the latter and Ed was the former. I’ve always been a person who considers eating merely a necessary …

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Jul 03

Creamworks Dairy, Waymart Pa.


When I posted that I was going to eat local (at least) until October, my friend told me about this dairy farm. They are only about 30 miles from my house and their products are sold in stores even closer to us. It was a beautiful day and we were ahead somewhat in that direction, …

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Jul 02

Man-Man Makes Buffalo-Buffalo Burgers

buffalo burgers

The first meat we ever ate that was locally produced was buffalo from this small farm. The animals are beautiful, I must say; and it makes eating them difficult for me. It does help to know they were raised happy, healthy, clean, and truly cared for. For my husband, it means more that he knows …

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Jul 01

The Edible Front Yard

the edible front yard

This is the first of six book reviews (the first Friday of each month) and the giveaway of the same. When I saw Timber Press was having a contest recently, I entered. All the books looked great, but I was especially interested in this one. I certainly didn’t expect to win anything, let alone all …

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