What to Grow or Buy Organic

homegrown onion

homegrown is best

While sitting in my Dr.’s waiting room recently (Mandolin had developed a sinus infection) I happened to notice a paper on her Bulletin Board entitled:

The Full List- 49 Fruits and Veggies and underneath someone had hand written ‘Pesticides’.

My Doc is a non-pill pushing, organic eating, almost vegetarian- who actually gave out Forks Over Knives as Christmas gifts, and that’s why we go to her; so finding this posted did not come as a surprise.
Some of what was high on the pesticide end, did.

The list was compiled by the FDA and the USDA between 2000-08. They looked at the level of pesticides found in 49 of the most commonly eaten fresh produce in the US.
If you are concerned about consuming pesticides this list becomes very relevant- unless you have the room to grow as much as you want, and the money to buy everything else organic.

If you are like most people, you can only grow so much, and funds are limited.
So here- from the most pesticides to the least- are the veggies to consider either growing or buying organic:


homegrown celery leaves

grow your own celery

Celery (we’ve being growing our own for years- mmm!)
Blueberries (Domestic)
Sweet Peppers
Kale & Collards
Grapes (Imported)

homegrown carrots

lightly steamed colorfulness

Green Beans (Domestic)
Plums (Imported)
Summer Squash
Cucumbers (Imported)
Green Beans (Imported)
Hot Peppers
Red Raspberries

raspberry baby

love at first ripe

Grapes (Domestic)
Cantaloupe (Imported)
Cucumbers (Domestic)

tomato baby

green or red, I'm happy

Winter Squash
Plums (Domestic)
Honeydew Melon
Sweet Potatoes
Cantaloupe (Domestic)
Sweet Peas (Frozen)
Sweet Corn (Frozen)

homegrown strawberries

expanding the bed this year

So here’s the plan:
~I’ll buy organic what I cannot grow here in Zone 5/6
~I’ll put more emphasis on growing enough of what comes with the most pesticides- more spinach, peppers and potatoes for example
~I’ll continue to learn and share about growing the most in any given space

How about you- will knowing this affect what you plant?
For more info on how to grow many of these, just click on the name of the veggie to the right under ‘Grow It’
Check out The Green Carnation Pesticides Awareness Project -because just washing your food won’t get rid of the chemicals.

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  1. Melissa - March 30, 2012


  2. gj - March 30, 2012


  3. cheryl sigler - February 4, 2013

    thnks gj i do grow my own spinach-kale-swiss chard –still trying to master the potatoes and sweet potatoes and strawberries —would love to know what else is on the list of pesticide foods to grow —my biggest worry becauce of the meat and poultry is trying to save for buying a grass fed cow and meat product for freezer thats the hardest as i know most in my family arent going to give up meat so stressing the importance is hard esp. since i have not much choice in buying –ugh all i can do at moment is cut back –i hope this yr. my taxes will be enough to try to buy a half cow im really hoping i can convince the hubby–as always great article /thnks

  4. gj - February 4, 2013

    Just make meat less of the meal for now, and offer them some meatless dishes. Pizza does not have to have a meat topping, yet can still be awesome (try Pesto Pizza to blow their minds!). Make stews etc., using less meat. If they’re not going to cook for themselves, they can’t complain. Just don’t tell them.

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