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How To Grow – Peas

Peas are one of my favorite veggies for two reasons:
1. They are one of the first seeds to get planted in spring.
2. They are also a great fall crop.

Peas can be planted 'as soon as the ground can be worked' which around here is usually mid-March.
Many gardeners say plant Peas for Saint Paddy's Day- that works for us.
Plant them about twice the size of the pea itself, and about 3" apart. You can plant on both sides of your trellis, to get the most bang for your space.

how to grow peas

baby peas

With enough moisture they germinate quickly, you can expect to see your peas pop out in a week or two.
If you want to hasten their arrival, place your seeds between two moist napkins, keeping them wet until you see the peas sprout; then plant.

You do need some sort of trellis- anything from an upside down tomato cage to a more formal support.
Peas have beautiful tendrils that will wind themselves around just about anything as they grow.
Do you want to know something else that is wonderful about Peas?
The flower that blooms is already fertilized.

Yep- that's right. Peas don't need any help to reproduce.
Peas will start producing in less than two months, so be ready!

how to grow peas

Here they come.

'Snow' and 'Sugar Snap' peas are picked before the peas inside develop, and eaten pod and all.
'Green' peas or 'garden' peas are picked later, and shelled to enjoy the seeds inside.
Some peas, like "Golden Sweet" can be eaten either way. Gotta love that.

how to grow peas

Snow Peas

Be sure to leave some to save for seeds.
In the photo above, the snow pea in front is ready to be picked-
The one to the left and behind can be left to grow for the seeds.

Botanical name:Pisum sativum
Yield: numerous veggies per seed planted
Days to maturity: 50-60 days
Spacing: 1-2"
Plant height: Up to 6' or more.
Storage: Best frozen, in my opinion, but canning and dehydrating also work

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