Sundays in the Garden -with The Bairds

Let me introduce you to some delightful people I have e-met on Facebook.
Holly and Joey Baird are the gardeners next door so to speak- not only are they straightforward with their tips and in their videos, they keep it simple and on the cheap.
Two qualities I love in gardeners.

homegrown veggies

homegrown happiness

I asked them a few questions so you can get to know them too:

-How did you first get interested in gardening?
We both were raised by parents who grew vegetables. Joey grew up on a grain & livestock farm so they had quite a large garden. Holly was raised in the city so we had a much smaller area to grow. Both of us enjoyed it as a hobby so we decided to keep going with it.

-What would you say you like most about growing your own food?
It saves money and its also convenient & sustainable. Most food travels about 1500 miles on average from farm to table. When you grow it in your yard you don’t have to worry about relying on someone else to provide it for you.

-I just love your videos- what inspired you to make them?
We had a pretty good following on our Facebook page and we knew we could help people further by also showing them. We wanted to do videos with segments and formatting which you don’t typically see a lot of.

homemade bean poles

keeping it simple

-What advice would you give to a first time gardener?
Keep trying. Keep it simple and start small. Use what you have and know. Also, don’t always compare yourself to others. Just because your neighbors can grow one thing doesn’t always mean you can. You don’t need a ton of space to grow either. Just start with a few containers if that’s all the space you have

-What do you think is the easiest food crop to grow?
Zucchini. You just put the seeds in the ground. As long as you choose a sunny location and give it lots of water you will have more than you need.

-And the most difficult?
For us, its broccoli and cauliflower. But with everyone else it could be different. We always encourage people to do research and find out what you can do to help yourself to grow a crop you may find difficult.

homemade rain barrel

keeping it easy

-How might you encourage others to try their hand at gardening?
A misconception is that people feel you have to have a ton of space & money. Yes, if you have both that would be great. But for just a small amount of money and space you can produce enough food to consume throughout the growing season. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a ton of Facebook pages & groups dedicated to growing food & sustainability. Check out your local library. Even co-workers, neighbors, family, & friends may have the advice you need. Keep it simple.

For more information and to check out their videos, visit their website and Facebook page:

The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener website
on Facebook

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