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Dec 31

3 Gardening Resolutions for 2014

We started out with about 8 resolutions for the upcoming garden season, and pared them down to three. ‘Be more organized’ and ‘keep better records’ have had enough time on the list already, either that will happen or it won’t. ‘Buy less seeds’- forgetaboutit. Some other ridiculous expectations got scratched as well. Let’s be serious. …

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Dec 29

How to Grow Ginger – The Conclusion & New Beginning


A bit of store-bought organic ginger was planted last Feb 1st. You can read how we did it here and follow the progress here. This is the result: From this experiment we learned: Ginger prefers to be neglected. In the beginning, keep your ginger just moist, not wet. Other gardeners have told me their ginger …

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Dec 27

3 Ways to Save on Energy Fees in 2014

Timing is everything

This blog is foremost about gardening; but the less money you spend in other areas, the more you will have to put into the garden. That’s my logic, and I’m sticking with it. So there are many simple things you can do to bring your energy bills down by cutting usage. 1. Sunlight is Free …

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Dec 24

Dear Santa: What I Want to Give for Christmas


There have been years when one child’s main Christmas gift request was more than our entire holiday budget, lean as it was. There have also been times when there WAS no budget to be had. When visiting family and sharing gifts meant giving up a week’s groceries. Oddly enough in retrospect, those really were the …

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Dec 22

An Edible Garden – Evolution to Revolution pt. 3


Previously: 1997-1998 1999-2000 It was four years after we moved to this house that the front, roadside garden really began. This area is a knoll, mostly covered in weeds and gravel, that is at the center of the half-circle driveway. Because it was already a bit higher level, it warms up faster. It also gets …

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Dec 21

8 New Plants for the Jones’ 2014 Garden

Ready to go.

Many gardeners have already either ordered their seeds for the upcoming year, or at least made tentative plans. Although we are still in the planning stage, there are a few things we expect know we will be adding in this year: 1. Sugar beets Concerns about our food supply combined with our efforts to be …

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Dec 20

11 Things to Look For on a Seed Packet

botanical gnome

NOTE: This was originally posted on 8/26/12. Many of you are new to the site since then, and now many are also preparing your seed packet orders for 2014; so we wanted to share this again. Check out your packets. How many of these can you find? Happy Gardening! ~GJ A good seed packet should …

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Dec 17

Wonderful Homemade Knish

Ready for the oven.

Most every culture has some kind of filled dumpling recipe. The Polish serve Pierogies, while the Italian Ravioli. Chinese have numerous and varied recipes from potstickers to things we cannot begin to pronounce correctly. Do a search on the internet and you will find an abundance of recipes to choose from. Although we had heard …

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Dec 15

How to Grow Tarragon

Russian tarragon

Tarragon is one of the less frequently used herbs in the Jones’ kitchen, but still worth growing for anyone who has the space. Although there are many varieties, the most common are French and Russian. The French variety has a stronger, longer lasting flavor and is considered to be better for cooking. The flavor is …

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Dec 14

5 Plants You Can Easily Grow Indoors

The final touch.

You don’t need a hydroponic growing system to have fresh homegrown food even as the snow falls. Some vegetables need less light than others, some do not need to be pollinated, and others don’t need the heat of summer. 1. Greens Pretty versatile and undemanding, greens are easy to grow indoors and do not require …

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