Is Gardening Really Worth It?

People have actually asked Mandolin and I if growing our own food was really worth the time and money.

“Why go through all that when you can just relax and shop at the local farm stand?”

organic beets

organic beets $2.99

It is so much more than just saving money, they would understand if they tried it.
Not only do you get a chance for great exercise, it’s meditative, affords a sense of accomplishment, and when done well, more nutritious.

organic leeks

organic leeks $3.49

The dead of winter, as our supplies of fresh are dwindling, is when we are most reminded of the financial savings, something we don’t have to think about from spring until now.

organic peppers

organic peppers $9.97

So when friends and neighbors ask you if it’s ‘worth it’ just smile and respond: “If only you knew.”


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