17 Items We No Longer Buy at the Market

As a gardener it’s not surprising we no longer purchase many fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.
There are a number of other things we consume, but now make ourselves.

homemade bar soap

Spend time not money.

1. Soups
2. Jams & jellies
3. Bar soaps
4. Some juices
5. Dry beans and baked beans
6. Laundry soap

homemade laundry soap

Not milk, not Tide.

7. Pizza (we do buy the cheese)
8. Pickles and relishes
9. Sauerkraut
10. Breads
11. Horseradish
12. Most sauces, inc. applesauce, marinara, salsa and hot sauce
13. Dishwasher detergent
14. Pancake mix

homemade toothpaste

Homemade toothpaste

15. Toothpaste
16. ‘Instant’ or “just add” anything
17. Window and multi-surface cleaner

Of course we buy the ingredients we can’t grow.
Still, ten gallons of laundry soap made at home costs less than one in the stores.
A homemade bar of plain soap costs 60 cents and lasts longer.
What do they run in the stores these days?

Find many of the recipes for the food items on our recipe page above, and for the cleansers on pinterest here.



  • Bery helpful!! Thank you!!!

  • I’m glad to help Nedra!

  • Fantastic, now for the recipies? xx

  • The recipes for the cleaning products, which aren’t my recipes to share, are linked on the Pinterest page at the end of the post. Many of the other recipes, like the pizza dough and the home canned items, are listed on the Recipes tab at the top of the screen.

  • How is it that I didn’t notice the recipe tab at the top before now?? Thank you for quite a collection. Time to thaw some rhubarb to make Rhubarb Bread. :)

  • There you go- I love Rhubarb!

  • Why don’t you buy dry beans any more? I couldn’t survive without those! Use them for refrieds, chili, soups, hummus.

  • When you grow your own food, by default, you “make” your own vitamins, too! Take some sweet potato vine leaves, curly kale and chard; dehydrate; grind in a coffee grinder and now you have a more useable, viable nutrition than you can buy at any store. Here’s to health!

  • some ive saved for future — to start doing and i see some other new good ideas thnks gj always can count on you :”)

  • Hi Carmen, I don’t buy them because I grow enough to use all year, and still have more to plant. The only beans I need to buy are garbanzo for hummus, and I’m going to try growing those as well.

  • That’s a great idea Grami- Count me in on it!

  • My pleasure Cheryl!

  • Ivory soap at the Family Dollar chain stores runs between $4-4.25 when it is not on sale. I stock up when it hits $3.50/10bars. If you watch your sales, you *can* still find bargains like that. Its all in the timing, and stocking up when the sales come around.

  • Does this laundry soap work safely in an HE washer?

  • Yep, it is safe for HE machines Joan!

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