Sep 10

Jam, Jelly and Marmalade- Oh My!

And preserves, conserves, butters and sauces.
In the world of 'putting up fruit' there are a lot of options available to you.

As a prelude to our next post on How to Make Jelly, it might be good to look at what the difference between these are.
Oh, but if you're looking for a fancy-schmansy definition, you won't find it here.
We're keeping it simple.

Sauce and butter.

Sauce and butter.

On a scale of easy to difficult, I would list:
1. Preserves
2. Sauces and Butters
3. Jam
4. Conserves
5. Jelly
6. Marmalades

Preserves are the easiest as there is little prep involved. You are basically holding the fruit, either whole or in large pieces, in a syrup of some sort.

Sauces and butters are grouped together because there is little difference in how they are made. Whether you make applesauce or apple butter is really just an ingredient thing, and a matter of how thick you want the end result.

Two jams and a sauce.

Two jams and a sauce.

Jam is one of our favorites, as you need only chop the fruit, or squish it as in the case of berries. You then continue on with the sugar and pectin, if desired.

Conserves are a little more involved, bringing in additional ingredients and spices.

Marmalades are the most difficult, but they are also the best to give as gifts in our opinion. We used to make an Orange-Lemon Marmalade that, although relatively time consuming, was worth the effort.

Jelly is the one we will be looking at in detail. What makes it a little harder than most is that you need to extract the juice first, then continue with the process.

For those that have a juicer at home, this is made easier. It depends on the fruit though. For example, our Jack LaLane juicer can not handle the tiny pits found in the concord grapes we grow.

Assorted jellies.

Assorted jellies.

So our next post will be an in depth look at making jelly.
And just perhaps, if you are interested, we'll make a batch of that marmalade too.

If only for old time's sake.

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