Simplifying the Seed Stash

Years ago it would be in February that the seed catalogs would begin to show up, now it seems to be earlier each year.

And so it begins.

And so it begins.

It’s only mid-November and already there are a half dozen catalogs on the desk.
It can be fun to look at all the varieties of seeds, but it may also prove to be pricey.

A catalog the price of 8 seed packets.

A catalog the price of 8 seed packets.

“Did you spend $8 on a seed catalog?” Mandolin asked when he picked up the mail.

Of course, I didn’t. But it made me wonder why they would produce and ship such a large catalog, and put a price tag on it as well?

Is that supposed to impress me or guilt me into buying something.
So I looked inside and most of the seeds run about $2.50 per pack.
Oh and add in another $3.50 for shipping. Even if you only buy one pack of seeds.

That’s pretty much the going rate.

Fall turnips from club seeds.

Fall turnips from club seeds.

Or is it?
An e-quaintance of mine named Mike, aka Mike the Gardener has a seed packet club where you get seeds for less than $1 per pack, shipping included.

The seeds are all heirloom or open-pollinated, and a good selection comes by mail each month.
And no expensive, guilt-inducing catalog to recycle.

I have been growing Mike’s seeds for a few years now, and always have great success with them.

Still going strong after the freezes and frost.

Still going strong after the freezes and frost.

The Arugula we looked at the other day- yeah, those seeds were from the Seeds of the Month Club as well.

If you look to the right, and up a bit, there is a link you can use to check this out for yourself.

If you are thinking, “Oh, sure- she just wrote about this because she got an ad from him” you don’t know me very well.
Actually, it’s the opposite.

I offered to put up his link because, like Annie’s Moo Poo Tea, I think he has a great product that y’all can benefit from.

In Mike’s case, you could save a small fortune.
Four packs from the Seeds of the Month Club cost $3.70- from the other catalog, they would run you about $13.00.

Go ahead, join up and save yourself some money.
We did.


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8 Responses to “Simplifying the Seed Stash”

Not only is Mike’s Seeds of the Month Club a good deal, the assortment of seeds is so fun. I grew things this summer that I never would have thought of planting.

That’s a great point Laura! Mike is the reason we grew Arugula, and now we want it in the garden every year.
Plus, how much fun is getting the seeds every month?!?

So let me get this right, I’m just supposed to shell out $45 to the seeds of the month club ($3.70/month for 12 months) to get 48 packs of seeds that I have no choice about the variety? I could just go to Walmart and get their cheap 20 cent seed packs if I didn’t care about the variety. (No offense to the Seeds of the Month Club).

Also, you are not telling the truth about your $7.95 catalog that you enjoy making fun of. You paid $5 for it. That catalog was not free. Their free catalog is smaller. This catalog is not free because it has about 120 more pages in it than the free catalog, covering a variety of things like recipes and how to save tomato seeds.

As for the shipping… Yes, you pay $3.50 shipping if you order one packet. But you also still only pay $3.50 if you order 10 packets or 50 packets. In fact, if you ordered one of every packet they offer, guess what? You still only pay $3.50.

I was a member in the Seeds of the Month Club for over a year. There’s nothing wrong with them, at all. But for most things, I’d rather have a choice in the varieties I get. My garden is not that big, I can only plant so many things. And I don’t like Brussels Sprouts, and I don’t care for Lima Beans, so why would I want to grow them? I like growing vegetables that I like to eat, and especially the varieties that I like.

I’ve already gotten my order ready from that $7.95 catalog. I ordered some Dragon Tongue bush beans, along with some leeks, and two kinds of onions and two new varieties of lettuce that I want to try. I’m also getting some Black Cherry tomatoes – I grew them a few years ago and they did so well. The catalog had a study they did on nutrients in tomatoes and the study showed that the darker tomatoes seemed to have more nutrients in them – so I’m also going to be trying out a Black Icicle tomato. All total I had 16 packets, and including the $3.50 shipping, my total was $40.75.

The Seeds of the Month Club may be cheaper per packet, but I’d rather have fewer packets containing seeds I picked out rather than a bunch of packets that someone else picked that I don’t like.

You don’t have to do anything George. If you want to pick out your own seeds, 1 packet or 50, go ahead. I am not even saying this is the only place I buy seeds.
One thing though, don’t call me a liar. I did not pay a cent for that catalog, and did not order nor ask for it. I probably have bought seeds from them in the past, they are a reputable company- so are on their mailing list. But I do not lie.
Nor am I making ‘fun’ of their catalog.

I am simply suggesting that if people want to save money, and many do, that the Seeds of the Month Club, IMHO and that of many others, is a good alternative.

It’s all about options. If you had perused the site you would find that I also talk favorably about other seed companies.

I have never received a packet from the club I did not plant. I love it and shared it. Pretty simple.
If you want to buy your seeds at Walmart- go ahead; again, that is your choice.

GJ I also like Mike because he pushes the envelope for me showing me other veggies to plant that I might not have tried. And by far his seeds are the best performers and I have done lots of experiments and used seed from many companies. I still buy specific seeds like hybrid tomatoes from other companies, but I love Mike’s seeds for most of my veggies.

I joined Mike’s seed club earlier this year. I knew I was going to be moving, so I have not planted any yet, BUT once I am settled in the new place I will be. I live in an area where I can garden all year (so lucky) and I have a stock pile of seeds from the seed of the month club, and plenty will do well for winter. And I have ones that I plan on planting that I never would have bought, so that is exciting. and as you mentioned, they are NON GMO seeds. Seed of the month is a great deal!

Congrats on the move Denise and I must say I envy your growing season! Best of luck with the new garden. :-)

I buy from other companies as well, but I completely agree with you and trying new veggies through SOM club. In my 30 years growing veggies I had never planted Arugula until I got seeds from Mike!

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