How to Grow Tarragon


Tarragon is one of the less frequently used herbs in the Jones’ kitchen, but still worth growing for anyone who has the space.

Although there are many varieties, the most common are French and Russian.
The French variety has a stronger, longer lasting flavor and is considered to be better for cooking.
The flavor is similar to anise seed and is most commonly used in chicken, fish and egg dishes or in bread stuffing.
We also like it with mushrooms.
If you have ever had Bearnaise Sauce, you have had tarragon.

To grow the French variety, you should start with a plant, as it cannot be grown from seed. Over time you can share with friends by dividing the plant at the root.

Russian tarragon

If you want to grow tarragon from seed, try the Russian tarragon. It also does have a wonderful flavor.
Because it loses its flavor over time, it is best stored frozen or as a flavored vinegar.

You can store either variety this way, which also makes a wonderful gift from your garden.

NOTE: After some discussion on Facebook, I would like to add that tarragon can take being neglected much better than over-watering.
My botany teacher used to always say “Plants love to get their faces washed, but they hate to get their feet wet.”
A good statement to remember.

Botanical name: Artemisia dracunculus
Height: 3 ft.
Hardiness: Perennial.
Growth habit: Depends on variety- French Tarragon must be propagated by root division, Russian tarragon can be started indoors from seed.
Storing: Dried, Frozen, or hold Fresh in Vinegar.


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