Jan 28

Many Things to Celebrate

bees and sunflower

Better together.

Dear Gardening Friends,

Since we began posting late in the fall of 2009, we have had many occasions to celebrate-

A graduation, weddings, beginnings at college, the birth of our grandson.

We also have had the wonderful experience to get to connect with many like minded gardeners both seasoned and new, professionals in the field, wonderful entrepreneurs who love gardening, garden writers, and all around fantastic people whom we are happy everyday to be linked to.

By answering questions and listening/reading what others say, we have learned a great deal, and our gardens show it.
That gift is also priceless.

Our friendly group Gardenaholics Anonymous is fast approaching 3000 members, and if you look to the right you will see this blog is about to break 200,000 wonderful people who took the time to stop by.

Even our personal page on Facebook stays just shy of that ominous 5000 mark and the new page past 1400.

So this post is a Big Grin Thank You! to all of you for being a part of our lives, even if our only connection is through the written word- we are still connected.

Very soon this site will reach the Quarter Million mark.
Can you believe it?
If you had suggested that might happen 4 years ago, we would have laughed so hard we probably would have gotten the hiccups.
Or worse. :-)

So as another Thank You! we are planning something (Shhh!!! It is a surprise!)
For now, we just want you to know how much y'all mean to us, and we hope we have helped you in someway because you sure have made a great difference to us!

Namaste and Happy Harvesting!

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  1. its been more than words can express to be a friend from afar- a mentor such as yourself to learn and a family of many to be discovered by / THANKS FROM THE MOON AND BACK -if i had to choose to keep a site over another this site i would cherish as well as your other sites becauce its my connection of calm energy-a constant diary or journal of sorts and heck i’m just hooked lol <3

    • Avatar of gj
    • gj on January 28, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    The feeling is mutual Cheryl and thanks for leaving so many wonderful comments!

    • Avatar of gj
    • A on February 3, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    Thank YOU Jones!

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