Jun 15

Sundays in the Garden – with Christina Kamp

Christina Kamp

Social media has afforded us the wonderful opportunity to e-meet other gardeners and talented individuals; some of whose paths we otherwise might have never crossed.

We do so enjoy introducing them to you in our Sundays in the Garden series.

So without further eloquence, please meet one of our equaintances, Christina Kamp~

Hi, Gardening Jones and friends.

Here in Oklahoma we run a family childcare home, Little Sprouts Learning Garden. We have kids ages 1-11, and know that what kids eat is incredibly important to their growth and development.

We also feel that what is in our food supply is alarming, so for the past three years have taught the kids to grow chemical free food for themselves.
They are learning skills they can use for a lifetime.

In addition to the other activities we do at Little Sprouts, the garden teaches the kids social interaction, math, reading, and endless science lessons, so it’s a big part of what we do each day.

It also helps keep the kids active in a world where video games, computers, and television are king.
The benefits of gardening carry over into every area of learning, so it’s an amazing activity to do with kids.

Little Sprouts Learning Garden

The Sprouts.

Children are 80% more likely to try a food they helped grow, and that’s helping these Little Sprouts learn to like a whole lot more things than they did before we started the garden.

The kids also learn to cook, which encourages them to try new things.
The changes in them, and me, are amazing!

Childhood obesity and diet related illnesses are increasing in epic proportions. We need to do something now to change the future, especially here in the United States. The art of gardening, until recently has been dying slowly over time. It’s a skill that we can’t lose. We need it.

Little Sprouts Learning Garden

Look what we grew!

Our journey toward better food has been fun. I would LOVE to help other childcare providers, teachers, and others who work with kids to start gardens.

We have a book about our trials, failures and successes that hopefully will be published soon, that would help get the information people need to do that.

There is also information about it on a new blog called Little Sprouts Learning.

You can find us on Facebook for updates.

We would love for you to join us in our journey!

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  1. I’m so excited for you to share what we are doing. Thank you so much.

    • Avatar of gj
    • Gloria Monroe on June 17, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    Christina I am so happy to read what you are doing, this is awesome, need to get this to be a part of every day care in the world!!! I taught my Son all about gardening about 30 years ago and now he is passing it on to the Grand Kiddo’s , they love growing their own yummy food and they are so very healthy! My 9 year old G.D. loves to play with the worms in the compost heap at their house! hehe!

  2. Thank you so much! We really enjoy it and are all learning so much! :) I am trying to blog and write and spread the word so it will be a part of MORE daycares. That is my dream! :) Thanks for your kind words!

    • Avatar of gj
    • gj on June 19, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    You know we are more than happy to share what you are doing with others Christina. Kudos and Happy Gardening with those sprouts!

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