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How to Grow Cucamelons

Mexican gerkin

These tiny little 1 - 1.5" fruit may look like watermelons suited for a Fairy Garden, and although they are neither a cucumber nor a watermelon, they are very real. Also known as Mexican Gerkins, Mouse Melon, and Mexican Sour Cucumber, they taste like a crunchy cucumber with a hint of melon and citrus.

Cucamelons are in the Cucurbitaceae family, as are cucumbers, some of the melons and some squash. They grow on a thin vine that can get to be 10 ft. high, the only big thing about them. We've heard just a few people say they don't care for them, most rave about the taste and especially how well suited that are for snacking in the garden.

Our intention is to pickle them along with our stars and hearts.
If any make it into the house that is.

cucamelon trellised

Grow as you would cucumbers, by direct and shallow seeding, after danger of spring frost. They prefer full sun and should be trellised. Pick when they are at the right size.

According to Baker Creek seeds, the harvest is also huge.
I think prolific might be more accurate.

Botanical name: Melothria scabra
Height: To 10 ft.
Growth habit: Vine.
Days to Maturity: About 80 days
Uses: Culinary, as well as being an attractive plant and conversation piece.
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