Jan 23

Book Review – Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning

Gardening Jones shares a new favorite book she found that features very old food preservation methods.

There's much to be said about the tried and true methods of food preservation that have been handed down for generations.

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this book published back in 1999, but I'm sure glad I did. In it are over 250 easy to follow recipes and techniques from the Gardeners & Farmers of Terre Vivante for preserving your harvest using older methods rather than modern ones.

Eliot Coleman refers to them as the "natural 'poetic' methods".

Techniques include:

Preserving in-ground or in a root cellar
Lactic Fermentation
Preserving in oil
Preserving in vinegar
Preserving with salt
Preserving with sugar
Sweet & Sour preserves
Preserving in alcohol

I am really getting into lactic fermentation, as this produces such healthy bacteria for your gut. I just feel better if I get a daily dose of food preserved this way, plus the flavor is so much better.

The section on preserving in vinegar was something I hadn't thought of. Even though we have flavored vinegar, our emphasis was on the vinegar not the fruit or herb. The simple suggestion in this book of chopping basil and putting it in red cider vinegar to use on salad throughout the year is something I will be doing this summer for sure.

There is another recipe for storing blueberries where you just mash them and put them into a glass canning jar, coat the lid with honey, close it up and keep in a root cellar for up to a year.

It may seem odd not to process the jars, but then I remember growing up how my parents would make jam, cover it with melted paraffin, and store on the shelf.

Now the Dep't. of Agriculture no longer recommends this method, so it's up to you to decide. Personally, I would put more faith in gardening and preserving methods that have been used for 100's of years than a gov't. agency, but that's just me.

After all, the gov't. says Roundup is safe to use.

Note: I am an Amazon affiliate, and would receive a small donation to help with the blog if anyone purchases this book from the link. I did buy my own copy, and am not writing about it for any other reason than because I found it interesting.

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