Recommended Veggies for Container Gardening

Smaller varieties of veggies do better for container gardening. Look for seed packs or plants labeled with adjectives such as tiny, compact, dwarf, baby or small. Other names such as Thumbelina would indicate a smaller variety.

Gardening Jones shares some specific varieties of veggies that do well in containers.

Cherry type tomatoes, like this white variety, do well in containers.

Vegetable Container Size Suggested Varieties
Beans Snap Types 5 gal All Bush types esp. Mascotte
Beans Lima 5 gal
Beets 5 gal Early Wonder
Broccoli 5 gal (1 plant) Italian Green
Brussel Sprouts 5 gal (1 plant) Evesham
Cabbage 5 gal (1 plant) Discovery
Cabbage Chinese types 5 gal (1 plant) Michili
Carrot 5 gal (rectangular) Nelson Danvers Half Long
Cress 5 gal (rectangular) Watercress
Cucumber 5 gal (rectangular) Little leaf
Eggplant 3 gal. Calliope Hansel Gretel and Fairy Tale
Garlic (for greens) 10" deep Most varieties
Kale (Collards) 5 gal Winterbor
Lettuce 5 gal (rectangular) Most varieties
Okra 5 gal Millionaire and Cajun Delight
Onion 5 gal (rectangular) Yellow and White Sweet Spanish
Peppers Sweet varieties 2 gal (rectangular) Green-to-red Bells Mini Apple Islander Lipstick Apple Antohi Romanian and Carmen
Peppers Hot varieties 2 gal (rectangular) Peppino Early Jalapeno El Jeffe (also Ornamental Peppers)
Potatoes 30 gal All Types
Radish 5 gal (rectangular) Most varieties
Spinach 5 gal (rectangular) Most varieties
Squash 2 gal baby crookneck small zucchini Butterbush Butternut
Swiss Chard 5 gal Bright Lights Bionda Di Lyon Magenta Sunset Bright Yellow
Tomatoes 5 gal (1 plant) Valley Girl Orange Blossom look for tiny or small
Tomatoes Small types 5 gal Sweet Olive Smarty Gold Nugget & all patio types


February 6, 2016 · gj · 4 Comments
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4 Responses

  1. Mike the Gardener - February 10, 2016

    Great list! I get a lot of emails asking what can people grow in small spaces. Your list hits everything.

  2. brenna - February 10, 2016

    I’ve done a Currant tomato, some times called sweet pea tomato. and the plant got 5 feet tall in the container! great tomato. smaller than a grape tomato and sweeter. great for a patio and deck

  3. gj - February 12, 2016

    Thanks for that info Brenna, I have seeds for them. Now I will have to try them out, thanks again!

  4. gj - February 12, 2016

    Thanks Mike, always trying to help!

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