Mar 31

Edible of the Month – Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is one of our favorite greens to grow; partly because of its sheer beauty, and partly because our family prefers it to spinach.

Gardening Jones highlights this gorgeous and nutritious edible plant.

It is also a cut and come again plant, and since it does not bolt in the heat like spinach does, we prefer to grow it instead.

You can harvest by picking the outer leaves, as the new ones will grow in the middle. Even better, cut a bunch at a time and new leaves will grow. The stalks add a lot of color to salads and stir fry.

If you like it as much as we do, plan on planting a few bunches about 6 inches apart.

Overall you can expect to get a much better harvest for the space you use with chard. You can freeze it just as you would spinach, ot dehydrate to add to smoothies.

Chard is a relative of beets, you can tell by the seeds which are similar in size. I cannot verify that the seeds are diploid like beets are; if so you may get double seeds per pod.

Similarly to beets Swiss chard has a lot of health benefits. Here's more on that.

Here's a link to some great recipes from Cooking Light and more info on growing chard.

I'm working on a variety comparison chart and when that is completed I'll share the link here.

I didn't want to miss my end of the month self-imposed deadline. 😉

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