Aug 19

The Watermelon Radish

Gardening Jones shares her take on this pretty radish variety.

It is always fun to try new veggie varieties. We enjoy seeing how they actually look compared to stock photos, if there is a difference in taste, learning about where they came from, and sharing all of that with you.

Also known as Chinese Red Meat radish, this is a variety of Daikon radish from China with a lovely pinkish interior.

These grow smaller than the more common white icicle radish, getting to be about 3-4". We learned the hard way that they are better as a fall crop; ours ended up quite spicy. Stii the sweetness of the flesh could also be detected, and these did not go to waste.

We also learned that to get the outer skin to be green, the veggies need exposure to the sun. Similar to a potato, except this is okay for the radish. Ours were in among beets which offered a nice shade, probably preventing the radishes from bolting, but keeping the outer skins more white than green.

It is the green skin coupled with the reddish-pink flesh that give it its nickname.

So we are going to sow some more in an open area and see if the cooler temps to come will make these beauties sweeter. Their days to maturity from direct seed are about 50, perfectly bringing them into the cool October days for maturing.

Note that even in cooler areas like our Zone 5/6, radishes can be seeded well into October for harvesting in December. They can take some cold, just be sure to mulch them so they don't get hit with repeated freezing temperatures.

Now, we'll have to see how long we can keep a fresh supply coming in. Just for the fun of it.


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