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Garden Planning – 18 Tomatoes Making the Cut

Seeds from tomatoes can remain viable for 10 years or more, so it's easy enough to develop a collection of varieties.
Especially if you also save your own.

Gardening Jones shares which tomato varieties made the cut for 2017.

When I tell you, and this isn't bragging, that I have 43 packets of seeds that were given to me, saved, or purchased... well if you know me or have been reading here for a while, you won't be surprised. It's even worse when the oldest are only from 4 years ago.

It does present a problem though, as we don't own a farm and there has to be a cutoff.

So we narrowed it down to those listed below, a note as to whether they are heirloom (inc. open pollinated) or F1 hybrid, determinate or indeterminate, with a link where you can find seeds, and an explanation as needed.

Not that we need to be tempted into trying more varieties, but which have you chosen for this year?

Variety HL or F1 Habit Notes
Roma* HL Dt Great sauce type.
San Marzano* HL Dt One of our favorite sauce types.
German Johnson* HL Ind Our all-time favorite red/pink brandywine variety.
Pompeii F1 Ind Another delicious sauce type with good disease resistance.
Tiren F1 Ind Very early sauce type fruits.
Sungold* F1 Dt We saved our seeds from this hybrid and it will be fun to see what happens.
Jersey Devils* HL Ind This is one of those varieties we originally got from a friend.
Pineapple* HL Ind Have had these seeds for 2 years it's about time.
Kellogg's Breakfast* HL Ind Heard so many good things about this one.
Goliath F1 Ind What can I say- it sounds perfect.
Big Rainbow* HL Ind Caught me eye sometimes it is just that simple.
Cherokee Purple* HL Ind Tried these once before with little success- but everyone else raves so we'll give it another go.
AAS Chef's Choice Yellow F1 Ind Can't wait to try this latest AAS winner.
AAS Chef's Choice Green F1 Ind We trialed these last year and loved how they add great color variety.
Oregon Spring* HL Dt Can take our cold Pa. springs better than any other.
Pink Oxheart* HL Ind We just love the heart shape.
Cream Sausage* HL Dt Our only white variety this year.
BHN-589* F1 Dt We grew this last year and it did very well in the wee greenhouse.

*We were very happy to see these varieties were also recommended by Craig LeHoullier in his wonderful book Epic Tomatoes.
More about All-America Select Winners

NOTE: We are not financially affiliated with any of these seed companies. We do freely trial seeds for All-America Selections.

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    Nancy Sage

    I always suggest Wapsipinicon Peach. A medium sized, fuzzy, yellow mellow tasting tomato. Too soft skinned to ever find in a market. Best eaten off the vine as it’s delicate taste is overrun by competition. Still favor Burpee’s Big Mama for canning. I will never garden without a Sungold. No other Cherry compares. Kellogg’s Breakfast is an awesome, productive beefsteak. And I’m with you on Pink Oxheart – a beauty perfect for sandwiches. So cool you get to trial tomatoes. Thanks for sharing your reactions to them. People need to understand the importance of tomatoes in our diet, and how easy it is to grow them. 🙂

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