Jun 21

A Year in the Life

One year ago today my job lost me.

Gardening Jones shares some thoughts on losing a job, and bouncing back.

Fresh lettuce one year ago


I say it that way because at that time, I was considered by many to be the best at what I do in the area. Certainly I had been doing it much longer. :-)

There wasn't a particular reason for letting me go, it was more a matter of bruised egos and small town politics. But no need to go into that.

Less than 2 months later I was offered a similar, but better, job. The only hitch, it would be a new position that I needed to help create. No need to go into that either.

I'm not one to sit and lick my wounds, and expecting to be gainfully employed again in about 6 months (it actually took a year, thank you government regulations) I dove into many DIY projects I had been wanting to get done, some for years.

If we're Facebook friends you may have seen a lot of the pictures posted. Either way, here's a short video compilation I hope you enjoy.

There are two things I didn't do this past year of what I termed Endless Saturdays.

I didn't hardly play music and I didn't hardly write.

I posted a total of 26 blogs this past year, compared to the 3/week I had been writing  Most of those were either recipes from my other site I closed down, or selling soaps.

And although I learned to restring my fiddle, I haven't really played it. I missed a whole summer on the porch. ;'-(

It was only recently I realized why. Plain and simple, I was depressed. I felt like there was a hole me and I tried to ignore it by painting walls. Lots of walls.

You see, as a senior center executive director, at this facility for 13 years, my job was a home.

These seniors were there for me when my Mother died, and happy for me when my Grandson was born.

I know what was wrong now because I am coming back, into this new job that will allow me to give of myself, something I truly need to feel whole.

And guess what? Today I'm writing again, and tonight it will be fiddle, such as it might be, on the porch.

I will be blogging more, including some of the DIY's I have done, and new low-carb scrumptiousness recipes. There may be a few videos in the works, maybe even more music.

Now that I am fully back to myself, I have a whole summer to enjoy sharing it.

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