Jan 10

The Tale of the Vera Bradley Purse

Gardening Jones finds a bag with plenty of room for her stash.
And so it was in June of 2016 I had just bought a new Vera Bradley bag.
Let me just say I don't normally go for a name brand, unless I really feel the quality is better.
Even then, I get something on sale, clearance if possible.

So I had used the bag I had for years, to the point where the shoulder strap was fraying, and it was time for a new one. I really liked the one I chose, it was the perfect size for what I carry, and a pretty pink.

Until that day in June, when I am sitting in a conference room being let go, and I noticed her purse. Not just the same fabric pattern, the Same Exact Purse.

"Crap!' I remember thinking, "Now I'm going to have to get rid of my new purse."

I suppose my mind should have been more on the task at hand, but to be honest I was more relieved at getting fired than anything else.

My job had gone from being respected for the work I was doing into a small town politics and revenge mindset, and frankly I was being treated bad enough that I wanted out.

If you believe in The Secret, that the universe will give you what you really want, well it did that day.

So I promptly emptied out my new purse and found a good home for it. I went back to a small handbag I had, not my favorite, but big enough since I wasn't going to work.

Until these past 6 months back on the job, being treated with respect, and in a much healthier environment.

"You need to get another purse." my husband said the other evening, laughing at mine on the kitchen table. "It looks like your stuff is all going to fall out of that one. You need a bigger one again, to carry all that to work."

Gardening Jones finds a bag with plenty of room for her stash.

Yeah, he was right, and I was happy to find this one on clearance. I love the more intense colors and pattern, they seem to represent my new job better. Vibrant, new. Loud.

But you may be wondering what this has to do with gardening.
Look at the size of thing... I bet it could hold a heckuvalota seed packets! 😉

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