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Feb 13

Which Edibles Need Bees to Produce?

Gardening Jones answers some of the most common gardening questions Jeopardy style.

Or other pollinators for that matter? The thing is, not all edible crops need to be pollinated by bugs. Some don’t need bees or other pollinators at all; others benefit from them but can still produce even if they are not around. Here’s a list of what’s what: We need pollinators all the time: • …

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Jan 18

4 Easy Ways to Help the Bees

By now most people know that the bee population is declining and we need to act swiftly to stop and hopefully reverse it. But you might think there is little you can do personally to help. That’s not true, you really can make a difference. Here’s how: 1. Give them a home. Build a Mason …

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Mar 21

Don’t Put All Your Bees in One Flower Basket

Black Eyed Susan

Guest Post by George Brooks Jr. Contrary to popular hype, we need to broaden our view of pollinators. We are putting almost all our efforts into the Imported European Honeybee demise and not enough emphasis on our native bees. There are upwards of 100 native species of bees. Anyone who has ever been on my …

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May 19

9 Things You Can Do to Help the Bees

Pesticides kill bugs, that’s what they are used for. Even ‘natural’ pesticides kill bugs. Most pesticides kill indiscriminately. Here’s the thing, we all have problems with bad bugs on our plants; and we want to get the best harvest possible. This is a double-edge sword. By killing the bad bugs, we may also be killing …

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Aug 20

Two Bees or Not Two Bees

bees and sunflower

I was asked recently for tips on growing a garden for fresh eating, and just for two. Kind of the exact opposite of what I do. Although I responded, I’ve been thinking more about it and I’m sure there are many other people out there who may want to know the same thing. In the …

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Mar 05

5 Tips for Choosing Veggie Seedlings


So your garden plans are ready, now it’s just a matter of time until the local farm and garden nursery stocks their veggie seedlings. And one plant is pretty much like the next, right? Not really. So before you walk into the arms of that gardening high we all feel, make a few notes as …

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Jul 31

9 Plus More Random Gardening Tips

Gardening Jones share some gardening tips you just might not know yet.

Like most of things in life, there is always something new to learn from others. Perhaps they learned from first hand experience or maybe they were educated by someone else. Either way, when they share it is priceless. So here are a few things that might help you be more successful in your garden. Oh, …

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Jul 09

13 Good-to-Know Tomato Facts

Gardening Jones shares a few things about tomatoes you may not already know.

1. Tomatoes are technically a fruit, not a vegetable as is often thought. I should say they are a fruit botanically, legally they are a vegetable. Zucchini are also botanically classified as fruit. I’m not sure of their legal status though. 2. Different sites vary, but it is thought that there are at least 10,000 …

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Jun 18

What Makes Oregano and Mints So Invasive?

Gardening Jones talks about Mint and it's relatives.

In most climates, mints and other members of the mint family, which include oregano and all the balms, are very invasive. There are 2 reasons why: 1. This family’s roots are called rhizomes, and they can and will travel quite a distance underground. Check them out in the pic above. They are so determined in …

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Jun 04

You Can Grow That – In a Greenhouse

Gardening Jones takes a look at how she is using her wee greenhouse to get more produce.

Admittedly I was disappointed in the wee greenhouse we bought; I had expected more. I thought it would stay warmer during the cold, and I didn’t expect it to be able to get so hot so very fast. I had done some reading up on it, but most people that write or videotape about their …

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