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lighthearted posts about life as a gardening addict

Jan 21

Small Space Gardening

Gardening Jones is growing her own sweet potato slips.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are downsizing the gardens this year. Dramatically down. From about 800 sq. ft. plus containers, we’re going down to less than 200 plus containers. In the pic above the colored areas were all planted last year. What it doesn’t show is on the left, the yellow box …

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Jan 10

The Tale of the Vera Bradley Purse

Gardening Jones finds a bag with plenty of room for her stash.

And so it was in June of 2016 I had just bought a new Vera Bradley bag. Let me just say I don’t normally go for a name brand, unless I really feel the quality is better. Even then, I get something on sale, clearance if possible. So I had used the bag I had …

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May 21

A Perennial Food Garden

Gardening Jones shares what she is doing to make part of her gardening easier.

There’s an old joke that the older you get, the farther away the ground gets. It’s funny, but it’s also basically true. Our largest part of the garden is by the road, which also seems to be getting farther away. The beds are raised, but only slightly. So we decided to make that part the …

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Apr 24

There’s Something About Spring

Gardening Jones gets a wee bit philosophical and aging and the spring season.

Every year in the spring I go a wee bit crazy.   Okay, sometimes more than that. Like the year I quit smoking. Don’t ask. šŸ˜‰ I find I feel a strongĀ need for a change. Some years that meant a perm, others a freshly painted room. This year it is much more intense. So much …

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Apr 03

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Gardening Jones shares the latest updates on the subscription box coming soon!

All ears? Here’s the latest on the Gardenaholics Anonymous subscription box coming soon: Frequency: Every other month Price: $49.95 or click on the link below and save 10% for life. This is for the first 100 gardeners only. If you have already signed up, you’re in. Plans: You can join for one month or multiple …

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Mar 20

Feeding the Gardening Addiction

Gardening Jones shares her newest addiction, a gardening subscription box.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step they say, and I came right out with it back in 2009 when this blog began. It’s all above right there in the byline. I never meant to be cured, mind you; but rather to share my passion and experience with others. And okay, to get …

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Feb 19

Survey Says?

Your responses to a few quick questions would help us a great deal, and you may win a wonderful gardening package to boot!

Jan 24

32 Seed Companies

Gardening Jones shares links to more than 30 seed companies she has purchased from.

I posted this picture in a Facebook gardening group I co-admin recently. The reason I did is that I am trying to not buy any seeds for this planting season; more as an exercise in self-restraint than anything else. And every time I look at my seed stash, I realize I don’t need to. I …

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Dec 17

The Never Ending Garden


Gardening doesn’t end just because the weather turns cold, it just changes. You needn’t suffer withdrawal, you only need to think outside the raised bed. 1. Grow food from scraps even indoors. Our take on it. 2. Set up a seed starting system, even a small one. Here’s a link to keeping it on the …

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Dec 04

7 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Gardening Jones and her husband co-authored a seed to table book and are offering signed copies.

Gardeners can be tough to shop for since they are often particular about their gardens, andĀ to make it more difficult, you may not even know what they already have. Here are a few ideas for things we like that are a little less typical. If you are a gardener, share this post when you’re asked …

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