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Gardening in a Strange New World

For those of us who remember life before personal computers, when your phone was attached to the wall and there were only a handful of TV stations and they actually signed off at night, social media is a very strange thing. Almost Sci-fi. The fact that you are reading this, likely many miles away, would [...]

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An Edible Garden – Evolution to Revolution pt. 2

1999 was an interesting year. Many people were Y2K concerned and the local Farm and Garden stores were selling out of tomatoes. People were growing food that had never done it before, it was great. The weather, not so much. The mild winter led to an increased population of squirrels, rats, mice and rabbits- none [...]

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An Edible Garden – Evolution to Revolution

It was 17 growing years ago that we first planted a vegetable garden on the site where we still live. What started as a simple way to feed the family has changed a great deal over that time. This is part one in a series to show what we have learned, what changed, and how [...]

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Back to the Future

It’s kind of difficult to write posts that are not about me when writing about my garden and my kitchen, and my family. But I think of the blog as something that is more about you- your garden, your family and your kitchen, and do my best to present it to you that way. I’m [...]

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Confession # 219 – Which Dry Bean is Which?

So the garden was over-planted with beans, there are far worse problems, right? And okay, so we neglected to make a note of which bean was planted where, that shouldn’t be an issue, should it? Alright… so the answer to both questions is “Yes!” Fortunately, we keep our seed packets even when they are empty. [...]

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Confession #923 Garden Folklore

Every fall at the sight of a wooly caterpillar, two things come to mind: 1. The upcoming winter. 2. This song worm. And not necessarily in that order. But this post is about folklore, not music; or weatherlore as some call it. Do you believe that the wider the middle band is on a wooly [...]

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Confession # 102 – Living with Mandolin Jones

My husband’s work schedule and mine are different, so it’s not unusual for us to leave each other notes. Usually, they just say something like ‘Call the electric company’ or ‘We need dog food’. So I admit I was a bit taken aback when I found this note on the bathroom vanity: Now since the [...]

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Confession #72 The List

Did you know that in musicals by Rodgers and Hammerstein, they tended to include a ‘list’ song? It was obvious in Oklahoma! where they actually sang “Here is the jist, a practical list…” and pretty blatant in The Sound of Music and one of my favorite man-songs in South Pacific. Why am I telling you [...]

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18 Reasons Why Spring is to Gardeners Like Christmas is to Kids

With our most recent snow storm just ending, and another one on its way, it looks much more like Christmas outside than anything garden related. At this point, gardeners waiting for spring are in many ways like little kids approaching Christmas. Here’s why these two occasions are similar: 1. They take forever to get here, [...]

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Confession #11 -It’s Complicated (Not)

A Garden is a wonderful analogy for the relationship aspect of our lives. It is so exciting finding that piece of land, planning the garden down to every detail, and then finally getting a chance to set shovel to soil. You want to check on it every day to see how it is progressing, maybe [...]

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