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General guide for zones 4-7

May 04

A Perennial Pepper Plant – You Can Grow That!

I have heard of people that have pepper plants that are multi-years old. And guess what? They don’t all live in a year round growing area. That’s right. People are growing peppers, then bringing them indoors to winter over. Supposedly, you can also keep them growing all year indoors, and that’s what I intend to try. …

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Apr 30

What to Do in the Garden – April

Gardening Jones looks at what to do in a Zone 5/6 garden in April.

Coming in under the wire, this is more about what should have been done. Again, this is for our zone 5/6 area, so adjust as needed. March and April are tough because the weather is so unpredictable. Still, you can plant peas, most leafy greens, cole crops, carrots, beets, radishes, potatoes, and onions by now. …

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Mar 06

What to Do in the Garden – March

Gardening Jones shares what she is doing this month to get her hands dirty again.

Here in our Zone 5/6 garden, March is the time to really get moving. The temperatures this month are expected to be a wee bit warmer than normal, which will make it easier to get some of the grunt work done. Compost and composted manure get added to many of the beds so they will …

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Feb 21

What to Do in the Garden – February

Unless we get an unseasonably warm winter here in the northeast, the gardening remains mostly indoors this time of year. This is the beginning of seed starting time for us, so the first thing we do is get everything ready. The seed starting mix comes inside to thaw out. All the containers we are going …

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Jan 30

Edible of the Month – Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash

This month, Gardening Jones features the Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash.

Originally called Green Striped Bell Squash in 1947, the seeds were acquired by Burpee, who changed the name. Some people suggest this is the same squash Thomas Jefferson referred to as Potato Pumpkin. The flesh is pale, sweet and dry. Many gardeners say the flavor isn’t that great compared to other winter squashes. Others say the sweet potato …

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Jan 02

What to Do in the Garden – January

Gardening Jones shares a January garden to-do list, and some supply links to save you money.

Winter seems to drag on forever; then before you know it, it’s Spring. Getting prepared is a fun thing to do in January. By now you probably have at least a few calendars for the new year. This month we go through our seed packets, especially anything that is new to us, and mark on the calendar …

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Dec 29

Edible of the Month – Butterbush Butternut Squash

Gardening Jones shares a new fav in the garden, Butterbush Butternut Squash. Perfect for small and large gardens alike.

Since we are talking about squash anyway, I thought it appropriate to share more in depth info on our newest favorite winter squash. This little hybrid, note: not GMO, was developed primarily for growing in containers. We started ours indoors early and really got a good jump start on the season. Seeds planted in March …

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Dec 05

What to Do in the Garden -December

Gardening Jones shares her gardening tasks by month.

There are a few gardening tasks that can be enjoyed this month. If your ground isn’t frozen yet, you can still plant garlic. It’s pushing it, but not too late early in the month if you haven’t planted yet. Be sure to mulch it well when the snow starts to fall, to help keep the …

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