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3 Reasons to Grow Yard Long Beans

This is our first time growing yard long beans, and it is so much fun that I’m almost tempted to use an exclamation point. (Writers rule: You only get 1 exclamation point to use in your lifetime. Choose wisely.) Of course, there is also a writers rule about using parenthesis, but I won’t go into [...]

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How to Grow Cucamelons

These tiny little 1 – 1.5″ fruit may look like watermelons suited for a Fairy Garden, and although they are neither a cucumber nor a watermelon, they are very real. Also known as Mexican Gerkins, Mouse Melon, and Mexican Sour Cucumber, they taste like a crunchy cucumber with a hint of melon and citrus. Cucamelons [...]

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How to Grow Celtuce

Also known as Chinese lettuce, asparagus lettuce, stem lettuce and celery lettuce, celtuce is a veggie that is grown mainly for its stem. It looks like a cross between celery and lettuce, hence the name, but it actually is a variety of lettuce originating in China. It is planted just like lettuce when the temps [...]

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2 Simple Things About Cross Pollination

There are a lot of misconceptions, no pun intended, out there about plants and cross pollination. Here’s the truth: 1. Plants can only cross with others of the same species, literally. 2. It will only affect the seeds. So, can a cantaloupe cross with a cucumber? No, because a melon is Cucumus melo and a [...]

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Calling it Quits

Often there comes a time when you realize it is better to pull plants and replant something else. Such was the case this year with our potatoes. We got them planted on time, but the spring turned back into winter, then into summer briefly, back again to spring… well, you get the idea. Throw in [...]

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The Edible Nasturtium

Beautiful to look at and an attraction for pollinators, nasturtium flowers are also edible. Most gardeners describe the taste as “peppery”, and often say they are similar to radishes. We would have to agree, and add that they have a slight taste of cucumber as well. They are great either stuffed, added to salads, or [...]

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Confession #77 The Parsnips Monster

Okay, so what began as a simple experiment has gotten out of hand, I admit. The bed pictured was thinned dramatically in the spring, enough to even plant some kohlrabi in one area. But the parsnips just kept coming. Not only did they spring up in the bed, as you can see they grew outside [...]

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An Easter Egg Tree – You Can Grow That!

This is not a tree, nor does it produce eggs. In truth, this Easter Egg Tree is a variety of eggplant whose purple flowers produce fruit that resemble chicken eggs in both shape and size. They begin white, then turn light yellow and get darker as they mature. Hence the name. There can be up [...]

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And the Winners Are…

It is fun each year to take note of which varieties of tomato produce first. After a long winter without that homegrown tomato flavor, why not get one sooner than later? We start our tomatoes indoors, then transplant out under protection. Still some types just produce faster than others. First up this year is a [...]

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How & Why to Grow Papalo

We tried growing this unusual herb twice last summer by direct seeding. No go. They are reputed to have a very low germination rate, so we figured that was the reason. We were anxious to try this herb, widely used in Hispanic recipes and described as similar to cilantro but stronger, and with a hint [...]

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