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Recommended Veggies for Container Gardening

Smaller varieties of veggies do better for container gardening. Look for seed packs or plants labeled with adjectives such as tiny, compact, dwarf, baby or small. Other names such as Thumbelina would indicate a smaller variety.


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How to Grow Celtuce

Also known as Chinese lettuce, asparagus lettuce, stem lettuce and celery lettuce, celtuce is a veggie that is grown mainly for its stem. It looks like a cross between celery and lettuce, hence the name, but it actually is a variety of lettuce originating in China. It is planted just like lettuce when the temps […]

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Edible of the Month – Tennessee Sweet Potato Squash

Originally called Green Striped Bell Squash in 1947, the seeds were acquired by Burpee, who changed the name. Some people suggest this is the same squash Thomas Jefferson referred to as Potato Pumpkin. The flesh is pale, sweet and dry. Many gardeners say the flavor isn’t that great compared to other winter squashes. Others say the sweet potato […]

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32 Seed Companies

I posted this picture in a Facebook gardening group I co-admin recently. The reason I did is that I am trying to not buy any seeds for this planting season; more as an exercise in self-restraint than anything else. And every time I look at my seed stash, I realize I don’t need to. I […]

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On Starting Seeds Indoors

  There are probably as many ways gardeners are starting seeds indoors as there are gardeners. If you are new to starting from seeds, this may help. It is pretty basic really. We have metal shelves that just fit over our kitchen propane fireplace. This provides a heat source at no additional cost to us. We […]

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Avoiding Squash Vine Borers

Knock on wood squash vine borers have never been an issue for us, at least not yet. It tends to happen more in the South, but we are not immune here in the North. I have seen many social media posts by equaintances describing the devastation these hard to get rid of pests can cause, […]

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13 Faster Growing Edibles

You might call it fast food. These veggies are ready to eat sooner than their relatives. Whether your season is short or you just want to make the most of it, here are a few suggestions. Most of the information was found from Johnny’s Select Seeds and reprinted with their permission. They specialize in farm […]

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10 Varieties of Radish

  One of the fastest growing edibles, radishes can be harvested in as little as three weeks after sprouting. They are often used to mark rows of vegetables that take longer to sprout, like carrots and parsnips. Relatives of the cole crops, some radishes can be planted towards the end of summer and stored in […]

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AAS Profusion Double Deep Salmon Zinnia

This gorgeous flower is an All American Select winner, and one we are thrilled to be a part of field testing. Simply grow in full sun, direct seed or transplant 2′ apart in ground or in containers. Planted just about 2 months ago, they are filling out their containers well with these beautiful doubled-row salmon […]

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Good Mother Stallard Dry Beans

Good Mother Stallard Beans are a very interesting pole type new to us this year. We found them to be quite productive, with high yields. Each pod produced 4-6 beautifully mottled maroon and white beans. These are mostly used as a dry beans and are said to have a <a href=””>”creamy texture, and hearty nutty […]

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