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Choosing the Right Onions to Plant

There are two main considerations when deciding which type of onions to grow: 1. Your location. 2. What you intend to do with your harvest. The first one is easy. If you live in the southern part of the U. S., or anywhere you would plant your onions in the autumn or winter months, choose […]

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A Gardener’s Dilemma – Pineberry

  The wonderful hybrid (not genetically engineered) Pineberry is a variety of strawberry somewhat new to our gardens. We purchased only one plant last spring, they can be somewhat expensive after all, and planted it in a new bed with a few strawberry plants we got from their runners. We did what we normally do with a […]

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A Thousand Words

Unlike Mike the Gardener’s seed packet pictured in the middle above, not all companies adorn their envelopes with a photo of the plant you will grow. When I was very new to gardening I found myself going back to the magazine or website I purchased the seeds from to look at the pictures of the […]

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Confessions of a Seedaholic

Of all the possible addictions in the world, being hooked on seeds is likely one of the healthiest. Still, like anything else, moderation is best. Here’s the confession: I have 45 packs of tomato seeds alone. 45, and a jar of seeds in the kitchen I’m saving from the last fresh tomato. 45… does your […]

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How to Store Seeds

1. Seeds need air. We recommend storing seeds in a paper envelope. It needn’t be fancy, folded newspaper will do, or you can repurpose junk mail envelopes. But seeds need the air circulation paper provides. If you choose to store your seeds in plastic or glass, we suggest adding a desiccant. You can purchase packets […]

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Getting Serious About Growing Tomatoes

I mentioned earlier that this past summer was not our best gardening season. It was in fact the second worst ever, which is saying a lot. And our tomato harvest was not spared. Between the late spring that never left, and the summer that arrived in September, there is very little fruit to can. This […]

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Maintaining a Seed Stash

So you have decided to build up a supply of seeds. That’s great! We’ve looked at getting started before, and discussed saving seeds as well. But we have not written about one question we get asked a lot: How long will seeds last? More specifically, how long will seeds remain viable with a decent germination […]

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Which Pumpkin is Right for You?

A pumpkin is a pumpkin, right? Well yes, and no. That is, some pumpkins lend themselves better for decorating, and others for pies. So, which is which? The best way to tell that is either through your own or a neighbor’s experience. The second best way is by reading the descriptions on seed packets. And […]

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Newbies, Preppers & Seed Savers

I would like to introduce you to two companies I love so much that I joined their affiliate program. To your left you will see links for the Seeds of the Month Club, and Seeds Now. Here’s why I like them: Mike the Gardener’s Seeds of the Month Club gives you the opportunity to build […]

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6 + 6 + 2 Things to Know About Saving Seeds

There’s a lot of money in the seed business. My husband says I have played a major part in that area. 😉 In the long run though, I prefer to save money where I can by saving seeds. Here are a few things I have learned: Save only seeds from heirloom or open-pollinated plants. Forget GMO […]

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