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How & Why to Grow Papalo

We tried growing this unusual herb twice last summer by direct seeding. No go. They are reputed to have a very low germination rate, so we figured that was the reason. We were anxious to try this herb, widely used in Hispanic recipes and described as similar to cilantro but stronger, and with a hint [...]

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How to Grow Pineberries Pt. 1

Although white strawberries have been around for a very long time, they almost became extinct. This more recent variety is a hybrid cross between two strawberry varieties, and is reputed to have a slight pineapple taste. Some gardeners have suggested that has been bred out over time, so we’ll get back to you on it. [...]

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5 Great Reasons to Grow a Pixie Grape

Okay, so we know this Pixie Grape is still a wee plant, but we wanted to share info about it in case you want to get your hands on one as well. So use your imagination, and picture this: 1. This variety grows best in a container, even small ones. So, even if your garden [...]

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Adding Perennial Fruit Trees to Your Garden

No matter the size of your garden, adding fruit trees and shrubs can insure your ability to easily have a supply of healthy edibles. Small gardens, such as my equaintance Jack’s, can use the espalier method for growing fruit. See how very little space was needed yet can still provide fresh fruit. We’re fortunate to [...]

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The Parsnips Experiment Conclusion

Part 1 Part 2 Here’s the recap: In the spring of 2013 we planted parsnip seeds in our Zone 5/6 garden. That fall, we harvested some of the roots and left others to overwinter. In the spring of 2014 we harvested some of those roots, and left a few to go to seed. Since we [...]

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How to Grow – Strawberries

Strawberries are easy to grow once they are established, but many die because of improper planting. The strawberry above planted itself from a runner that landed in a mulched pathway. You can see how shallow the root system was, just barely below ground level. This picture is a close-up of a strawberry crown. When you [...]

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Stevia – You Can Grow That!

Stevia has the reputation of being difficult to grow, and the truth is, it is just picky about germination. It can take a number of seeds to get one or two to sprout. Unlike most seeds, stevia needs the light to germinate. To plant, just lay the seeds right on top of your seed starting [...]

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6 Secrets to Growing Carrots

Growing carrots in the home garden will be more successful if you know a few things: 1. Carrots can be grown in the early spring, but their germination rate will be slower. The days to germination, as is also the case with days to maturity that are found on seed packets, are based on optimal [...]

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How to Grow – Perennial Onions

Also known as Tree Onions, Perennial Onions, Top Onions -amongst other names- these hardy perennials are one of the first veggies to be enjoyed in the spring. They are quite prolific in most areas. I planted mine from a cluster given to me by a friend. I divided it into two, and planted in containers [...]

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3 Ways to Support Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a vine crop and can be left to grow that way. However, you are more likely to get rot in your fruit and to have them attacked by numerous creepy crawlers. Pretty much everybody stakes their tomatoes nowadays. You do have a number of choices on the How-To end. You can buy Tomato [...]

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